Healthy Lunch Ideas =)

Hiya to whoever is reading this,

This is part 2 of a healthy lifestyle series i’m writing. As i’ve said before, i’m on a health kick that’s actually become more of a permanent lifestyle thing. I’m not any sort of expert or doctor so please use common sense (e.g. if you’re allergic to nuts, don’t copy me and put peanut butter on every piece of bread you see!)

(so sorry i can’t use my own photos, i didn’t get the chance to take any before my hungry family pounced!)

It is so important to eat a balanced diet, including vitamins & minerals, protein, water, fibre and high energy foods such as carbohydrates, so removing any of these vital for groups without a doctor’s advice isn’t a good idea. Avoiding overly processed food and sugar is probably the best decision i’ve made for my body and i promise it’s not as hard as i might sound =)

Anyway, enough rambling! Enjoy…

1) Carrot Soup

carrot soup blog

I made carrot soup the other day for my family after finding a healthier recipe, and it tastes awesome. This recipe will make enough for 4 adults, but just use a calculator if you’re cooking for more/less people. This soup is also awesome if you save some of it in the fridge as you can heat it up almost instantly for a quick snack or meal. 1 portion of this soup contains 103 calories so it will fill you up and not wreck the diet =)

– Firstly,  add 1 large onion (chopped) into a large pan with 8 chopped carrots and 1.2litres of reduced salt vegetable/chicken stock.

– Once it starts boiling, turn down the heat so it will simmer. Let it simmer like this for around 20-25 mins and partially cover it with a pan lid too.

– Then, take the pan off the stove and use a blender (handheld/etc) to blend the soup into a smooth puree. Add 90 grams of lower fat soft cheese (or quark) and blend it until it is fully mixed in.

– If it needs it, reheat it on a low heat. When you serve it, add 10 more grams of the low fat cheese to garnish it. Adding pepper here is also optional. This soup taste awesomesauce with a slice of wholemeal bread/pitta to dip in it. =)

2) Cheesy Crumpets

cheesy crumpet blog

Crumpets with melted cheese on top are a quick and easy to make, as well as tasting absolutely awesome. I had these loads when i was little and they still haven’t lost their appeal! I don have a calorie count for this one, but you can easily eat 2 of these for a diet friendly calorie about =)

– Firstly, toast your crumpet in the toaster (or under the grill) until it is how you like it.

– Cut some cheese into slices and place a slice on top of each crumpet. You could also add some vegetables, ham, etc. at this point but that is totally optional.

– Then, put the topped crumpet back under the grill or in the microwave until the cheese has melted. I suggest eating them as soon as the cheese has melted as they taste awesome, but you could also take them into work/school for lunch if you wanted.

3) Wholemeal Wraps

banana sushi roll blog

Wholemeal wrap with any filling are amazing snacks, you can also cut them into little sushi rolls too! Some filling i suggest include=

-Cheese, hummus, ham, cottage cheese + celery, any vegetables, bacon or peanut butter (for a cheat day!) etc.

Hope these recipes helped you in some way and stay tuned for the rest of this series, and if you want to see my Healthy Breakfast Ideas 2 post then click the link!

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    1. aww, thx! I just don’t want anyone to think that being healthy is being anorexic or get the wrong idea of completely omitting carbs, etc.
      Crumpets are awesome! Especially with melting peanut butter! I don’t see avoiding sugar and eating healthily as just part of a temporary diet, i see it as a permanent lifestyle change, and it’s making me feel so much better as a result! =)

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