A little bit of self-expression

Hi to whoever is reading this,


Today’s post is a little bit different from usual – I’m collaborating with the amazing Fiona from Questions From A Teenager to talk a little bit about how we express ourselves.

{You can read her post here!}

We both thought that it was something that you as readers would find interesting, as everyone expresses themselves in a different way and it can really be anything from a little quirky habit to a long-term passion or hobby. Forms of expression are something that makes each person unique and this diversity is definitely something to be celebrated!

Unfortunately, some people experience lots of criticism for the way that they choose to express themselves, and I hope that one day we can all live in a world where we feel free to express our true selves without fear of oppression or abuse.

So without further ado, here’s a couple of ways that I express myself – I hope you find it interesting to find out a bit more about me 🙂


This one may come as a surprise to a few people, but I’ve actually been an avid dancer for my whole life. There are tons of home videos of me (when I was little) absolutely throwing myself round the living room wearing my tiny glittery ballet shoes, dancing wildly to a whole range of music – the Hairspray soundtrack was always a solid favourite, along with the odd cassette belonging to my parents or this one CD of Disney classics that even my cousin used to dance to! I did ballet lessons solidly (though at a few different dance companies) for 11 years, achieving my Grade 6 with Distinction before I stopped my lessons in  July 2017. I also did a few years of tap and jazz dance (and exams) in that time too, which I loved so much, and I was very lucky to have a sequence of amazing teachers who really inspired me.

At the beginning of January this year, I really pushed my comfort zone and started to attend weekly lessons at Pineapple Dance Studios in London. This was something I’d always dreamed of, and  it was such a daunting – but exciting! –  prospect going in there on my own for the first time to participate in a class comprised completely of adults, and learning that week’s routine at a much faster pick-up rate than I’d ever done before. Although I had severe butterflies (!) walking up the outside steps into the studios, once I was in the room and the music was playing, everything changed. For some reason, when I start to dance, I completely forget anything else that is plaguing my mind and for that blissful hour in the studio, I feel completely in the present. I don’t even know if I’m any good at dance, I just know that it’s something I’ve loved for such a long time, and I hope I can continue to dance long into my future.


As you can probably deduce from the fact that I’m writing a blog post, I find quite a bit of solace in writing, expressing my thoughts on the page and experimenting with articulating my mental whirlwind into posts for people to read (and hopefully enjoy!). Although I haven’t had the chance to work on anything recently, I also really enjoy developing ideas for short stories and films, as well as attempting to scribble them into scripts. I have a reminders folder on my phone that is full of random plot ideas that I have to get written down quickly after they pop into my head (otherwise I forget them!) – they can be random, provoked by emotions I feel at the time or inspired by quotes & situations I’ve experienced.

One of my all-time favourite books is called “Filmmaking for Teens – Pulling off your shorts” [shorts referring to short films!] by Clay Nichols and Troy Lanier. It’s a fantastic non-fiction book that guides any filmmaking wannabe (like me!) through the various stages of writing/producing/directing/editing/promoting your own short film as a teenager. My parents bought it as a surprise for my birthday quite a few years ago, and I love the completely candid way that it’s written, as well as the witty lines thrown in amongst all of the absolutely inspired advice. Depending on how my summer plans out – I’m feeling quite inspired to potentially, properly follow the book and maybe develop a short film…?!  🙂

I hope you enjoyed this post, and please click over onto Fiona’s post to show her some support and see how she expresses herself.

Feel free to comment any of the ways that you express yourself, as I think it would be a really intruiging conversation to spark between everyone in the comments!

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Georgie xx

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    1. Awww, I’m sure yr much better than you think you are. My dancing looks awful until I remember to breathe and relax into the moves 😂
      Really enjoyed the collab, I hope we can work together again x

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