Healthy Snack Ideas =)

Hiya to whoever is reading this,

Here is the 4th post in my healthy eating series so if you want to check out the others, i’ll have them linked further down the post =)

Everyone loves snacking, even when they aren’t hungry. So i thought i’d share some of the  really healthy things i eat when i’m a bit hungry and want food fast. These are perfect if you’re having a battle in you’re head with the tempting doritos =)

doritos blogblog evil emojieat me blog

Please use your common sense and don’t eat anything you’re allergic to!

1) Apple + Peanut Butter Boats

IMG_2640        VS.            peanut butter + apple tumblr blog

My literally made at 1:30 am snack                   Tumblr’s finest =(

These are all over tumblr and Instagram, and rightfully so as they’re really darn yummy + healthy. If you’re allergic to peanuts, you could try dipping the apple into something else (coconut butter/ Hummus anybody?)

All you need to do is wash and cut the apple into “boat” shapes, arrange however you like on the plate and thwack a dollop of a dip f your choice into the middle! C’est voila! =)

2) Oat & Banana Cookies


These work really well as a fast breakfast too, i kinda made this recipe up as i went along (i wrote it down luckily =) and as you can see, i thought it looked randomly awesome to add squirty cream and almonds, because WHY NOT! XD

Personally, i think they taste better after a night in an airtight container as they firm up a bit =)

– Preheat the oven to 180 degrees centigrade

– Mash 3 ripe bananas + mix with 2 cups of proper oats   + ½ cup of skimmed milk + 1 egg

– Add cinnamon, ground ginger, nutmeg or any flavour of choice

– If it looks a bit runny (eww gross) then add another handful of oats.

– Grease a tray with 1 cal spray/butter/olive oil  and spoon mixture onto the tray in large cookie shapes.

– Sprinkle more of the flavourings over the top of the cookies

– Bake for around 20 minutes until golden brown

3) Healthy Chocolate Mousse

0% fat yog blograchel's coconut yogsainsburys cocoa powder blog

Yep, you read that right, it’s probably one of the first times, “healthy” and “Chocolate” have been in the same sentence XD

But anyway, this is something i make literally all the time, even for breakfast, lunch and dessert. It really fulfils my cravings for chocolate and sweets but it can sometimes be kinda bitter so watch out for that.

– Mix some low fat greek yoghurt (or any other thick yoghurt) with any other added yoghurt or flavours you want. (i usually add some coconut yogurt here but the choice is yours)

– Add a couple of heaped teaspoons of cocoa powder, i use the no-added sugar kind as it’s actually healthy for you

– mix and voila! If you’re having a kinda cheat day, add some sprinkles because, why not =)

If you guys try any of these, please comment a photo as i hope you enjoy these snacks as much as i do! If you have time, please also check out the other posts in this series; Healthy Breakfast Ideas, Healthy Lunch Ideas, Healthy Dinner Ideas!

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      1. Yea well Doritos are deadly to me I can’t have just a few chips I eat a lot because they are so good. Sour cream chips are the worst I can’t control myself with them. Back to tuna for me.

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      2. Yum I got a funny story. One time recently they delivered my pizza to my neighbor and he paid for it and ate it. There was no curse word I didn’t leave out on the phone with the pizza owner. He gave me free large pizza coupons. I want to confront that neighbor. What kind of man eats other man’s pizza lol. On my walk I told my sister who was with me. I said there is the house of the man who ate my pizza!

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      1. I know! I think a vegetarian post will be really good! Maybe if you haven’t already, a healthier dessert post as I always just got for ice cream and chocolate! 😀

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