I don’t love you, it’s just this feeling.

I hate trying to describe this feeling. It's like having a crush, but all it's fuelled by is a longing to be better friends with someone - without any sort of romantic undertones. It's knowing that you work well with this person. That you both see the world in a similar way and that you... Continue Reading →


A bit more like me

Hi to whoever is reading this, I've finally started to feel a little bit more like myself again. Not really sure what caused it, but there was a moment this evening (maybe an hour ago...?) and it felt like something had clicked back into place. I haven't not been myself lately - no crazy teenagery... Continue Reading →

approx. 22:20pm

Our eyes meet in perfect equilibrium. Not taller, yet not shorter. Same body, but with curves, chisels and edges that hint at the effort it took to procure them. Chestnut streaked hair, glinting in the sun. Eyes of your ancestors flickering hazel, chestnut, hazel, chestnut in the golden rays. You're always watching. Questioning. Deterring. Motivating.... Continue Reading →

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