Day 1-6 Advent Calendar Update – Blogmas Day 6

Hi to whoever is reading this, [Before I get into the advent calendar shenanigans, I've got a quick blogmas update] This year I've decided to attempt Blogmas (well, part of it anyway)! Whilst I'm still at school and super busy, I can't upload every day, but I've got a plan - until I break up... Continue Reading →


Fighting for justice

Hi to whoever is reading this, I was encouraged by a representative from Eventbrite to write about a charitable organisation that I thought was important and that people should know about, and in light of the current refugee crisis in particular, I decided to write about Amnesty International. Amnesty International is a global organisation that... Continue Reading →

approx. 10:15pm

It should have been quiet in the house. Yet the noise of the big city beyond still slipped in. I heard the sounds of a party in the distance, thought of all the people out there having fun, making memories, maybe falling in love, or perhaps they're too intoxicated to notice. And in that moment I... Continue Reading →

Moving forward.

Hi to whoever is reading this, I guess I have an awful lot of explaining to do. I have been completely inactive on this website for over a month, excuses at this point are pointless but I feel completely ashamed in my own incapability to blog consistently. Life got in the way, concerts, lessons, plays,... Continue Reading →

Blogger Recognition Award :)

Hiya to whoever is reading this, (I actually wrote this post a while ago but got too busy to post/finish it, sorry) It was such a lovely surprise to be nominated for a post like this, when I first started blogging, it was really popular to do these sorts of tagged posts and I remember […]

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