A New Direction ✨

Hi to whoever is reading this, As I'm currently sat here - indulging in a cheeky episode of Great British Bake Off (!) - I thought I'd pop over to this slightly neglected blog of mine to give you guys a bit of an update and a heads up for some exciting new posts that... Continue Reading →


A little bit of self-expression

Hi to whoever is reading this, Today's post is a little bit different from usual - I'm collaborating with the amazing Fiona from Questions From A Teenager to talk a little bit about how we express ourselves. {You can read her post here!} We both thought that it was something that you as readers would find... Continue Reading →

approx. 22:20pm

Our eyes meet in perfect equilibrium. Not taller, yet not shorter. Same body, but with curves, chisels and edges that hint at the effort it took to procure them. Chestnut streaked hair, glinting in the sun. Eyes of your ancestors flickering hazel, chestnut, hazel, chestnut in the golden rays. You're always watching. Questioning. Deterring. Motivating.... Continue Reading →

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