Day 1-6 Advent Calendar Update – Blogmas Day 6

Hi to whoever is reading this,


[Before I get into the advent calendar shenanigans, I’ve got a quick blogmas update]

This year I’ve decided to attempt Blogmas (well, part of it anyway)! Whilst I’m still at school and super busy, I can’t upload every day, but I’ve got a plan – until I break up from school (on the 15th) I’m planning to upload on Wednesdays and Fridays. Once school has finished, I’m hopefully going to upload each day (fingers crossed!), so please suggest any christmassy posts that you want to see 🙂

On the advent calendar side of things;

Each year, my mum puts together an advent calendar for me using the felt calendar that my grandad bought for me when I was really little. Depending on the year (and my interests at the time), my mum has varied what she wraps up and puts into the small pouches; in years past this has sometimes been chocolate, earrings and even some Lush products last year (though obviously one product was the gift for a few days!), and this year my mum has chosen some gorgeous, christmassy earrings for each day, which I absolutely love!!!

[By posting this, I’m not trying to brag in any way. I’m extremely grateful for this, do not expect this in any way and it was a really kind thing for my mum to do that she genuinely enjoys organising for me each year. I only posted this as I thought it would be interesting content over the festive period.]

I think you can find these earrings (or something similar) at H&M, but obviously I don’t know where my mum bought them. I hope you find this somewhat interesting 🙂

December 1st                                       December 2nd


December 3rd                                     December 4th


December 5th                                    December 6th


Please suggest any christmas posts that you want me to do over the next few weeks, and I’m just glad that no-one could see my having to lie on my tummy on the family bathroom floor to get photos of the earrings with decent lighting and a crisp, white background!

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Georgie xx


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