How to get out of a rut/find new motivation

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I’ve been stuck in a bit of a rut for the past few months, as you can probably tell from my shameful lack of posts (!). I think I’m finally nearly through it, but its been a difficult few months emotionally which has thrown lots of things into deliberation and I just hope that I can get back on track and made some good progress both socially and in my fitness strength/endurance before xmas rolls around again (though I’m really excited that its so soon!!!).

One of the things that has definitely changed for me is my situation with rowing. Despite being in the best place I ever have been with it (regarding my statistics and scores), I decided to take a break from training to give me more time to focus on school work, music practice and see if I can gain more of the results I want using more efficient training that I can schedule, set and do myself. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t getting behind on my school work, but by arriving home much later each evening (my year group has all the late training slots), it just pushed the entire evening’s schedule off. Instead of being able to get home directly after school, get on with my homework, be able to dedicate a decent amount of time to practicing for my music exams and have a bit of time to relax before going to bed – I’d be in a rush to get everything done, frequently not get everything done (leaving work hanging over for the next day), have no time to play the piano (putting lots of stress on the weekend, just hours before my lesson) and go to bed restless and not relaxed, still stressing over all the uncompleted things on my to-do list, keeping me awake, making me tired the next day. Even though things definitely weren’t bad, I was always wondering if I could make things better and easier on myself, and this break gives me time to experiment with that prospect.

I spoke to my coach (the prospect of that conversation was really daunting!) and we agreed that I could take a break until the end of term, and review the situation in January.

This leads nicely (totally not planned!) to my first point which is;

-Adjust your schedule/Take (planned/agreed) breaks from things that are putting you under more pressure than they’re worth

When you give yourself some breathing space away from bits of your timetable that put you under undue pressure (like rowing for me), you allow yourself the opportunity to make progress in other areas that you’ve lost motivation for. This has been so useful for me as I’ve regained some of my love for playing the piano (which I’d lost for a number of reasons over a span of a few years) and I’ve also been able to re-motivate myself to get back into going for daily runs and doing strength workouts at home. By also giving myself better time and quality of sleep, I been able to see some proper progress on my body for the first time which is really exciting and also helped to keep me accountable…

-Find some way of keeping yourself acountable

A few weeks ago I experimented with uploading a daily record of my workouts on my blog Instagram account (@georgiegrl2), which I think went down quite well. It certainly kept me accountable and motivated to workout! I didn’t feel any sort of stress or pressure because of it, but it also gave me a small sense of pride being able to keep a consistent routine of uploading & counting the number of days I maintained it for. It would be useful though to have some feedback about it (e.g. if it’s something you find useful) when I pick it back up again and put some proper effort into uploading on there properly over the next few days/weeks. Even though I used this to keep me on top of ย my workouts, it’s pretty easy to adapt this to other hobbies or things that you need to do. Another way to do this would be to write in a fitness journal or tick off each day you workout/complete specified chore or activity on a calendar or in a planner.

-Keep things organised & your environment clean

If I’m trying to work my way out of a rut, the first thing I always start with is getting organised. For me, this means putting a list together that includes cleaning my room, scheduling any homework or revision that I need to do & planning my workouts for the week, as I find it much easier to focus on the exact things I need to do, without getting overwhelmed, when it’s all written out in front of me. Once I’ve cleaned my room, it makes me feel like my day has definitely been productive and therefore motivates me to work hard on the other things on my to do list. Marking things off on my list, allowing me to easily judge my progress through things, keeps my positivity up and takes the panic out of a potentially stressful situation.

Hopefully this helps anyone who is currently stuck in a bit of a rut like I was & if anyone else has any other tips for regaining motivation, please comment them below and help a fellow blogger out! Despite rebuilding my motivation any getting back into a routine with my workouts for the past few weeks, I’ve caught some kind of nasty cold bug which has kept me off school today and probably will keep me off tomorrow too. Talk about bad timing!

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Georgie xx

17 thoughts on “How to get out of a rut/find new motivation

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  1. Uploading your workouts and such on your Instagram would be awesome! I might start doing that! ๐Ÿ˜‚I need a little more to keep me in check and in my routine. Looking forward to it! Xxโค๏ธ

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  2. Oh my gosh Georgie heyy! Iโ€™m so glad youโ€™re feeling better about things and that you did what will make you the least stressed. Thatโ€™s so important!
    Thank you for these tips. I needed them – Iโ€™m in a serious rut at the moment ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

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  3. It’s funny how we both have the same blog-posts but such different opinions haha,I love this blog-post regardless.You’re so honest,and I love it.I’d love for you to check out my blog-post as well.Lots of love,keep blogging<3

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