How to: Be a ninja!

Hiya to whoever is reading this,

Just admit it, we’ve all done it! The classic sneakaro in the middle of the night to watch YouTube, blog, Netflix, etc… I still do it and because I have parents with ears more pricked back than a bat, I’ve had to figure out a couple of tricks to avoid being caught! I’m lucky enough to be able to keep my electronics in my room all the time but lots of my friends aren’t so I thought this post could help some people out!

1) Remeber the “pressure points”

Houses are full of certain points that will creak crazily loudly in the night so always bearing in mind where they are is always helpful!

2) The blanket trick

If you have annoying parents and aren’t allowed to keep your tech in your room, sneaking around your house is one of the only option to retrieve your iternet accessing vitals! The blanket trick is basically hiding the tablet/ phone inside the blanket or dressing gown so it just looks like you’re going to get an extra blanket!

(P.s. For obvious reasons it doesn’t work too well in the summer!)

3) headphones!!!!!!

The panic felt halfway through your Netflix marathon when your parents have heard the sounds and are opening your bedroom door can be completely avoided with tip 3! Ok the using headphones bit is kinda obvious but try if possible to use ear buds so you can always have one ear to listen for footsteps!

4) fake tech

One of my best friends (Lexi!) told me this trick and it works a treat! If your tablet has to stay downstairs, take it out of its case after your parents have gone to sleep and if you are super ninja (like Lexi) cover the holes in the case with card the same colour as your tablet and put small weights in the cases so if dozey parents pick it up to check, they will be none the wiser!

5) I need…

This one is basically an excuse for wandering around in the night (e.g. Retrieving your stuff!)

Saying something really simple such as I needed to get a glass of water/a tissue/extra blanket/pillow can make all the difference and if you get away with it then go ahead and comment #rebelpebbleforlife!

Hope this helped some of you and if you want me to do a part 2 then comment below as my phone is lagging badly and I can’t type more!

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  1. Here’s a great life tip that I learn in my first week of secondary school: Pull one headphone through a sleeve and hold it in your hand then lean on that one hand during lessons. I’ve never been caught πŸ™‚

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