2015 overview!

Hiya to whoever is reading this,

I saw a lot of people do this sort of post and you guys seemed to be enjoying them so i thought i would jump on the bandwagon and write one myself!!! I also thought this would let you guys know a bit more about me so enjoy…

2015 was a hard year for me, not only with family stuff but also the whole kinda social thing. January and February were pretty average and was the anniversary of my mum’s accident which was kinda weird seeing as it has been so long since it actually happened!

Then it was my birthday in april which was kinda awesome due to my best friends! Exam week was not fun in June but things picked up again when i went on a school trip to Orlean, France. The downside was we had to sing but otherwise it was ok.

July and august nearly wrecked my family in so many ways. My grandad got ill and if it was possible, even more stubborn. My mum went up North to look after him and he told her to go away and many other things like that. Before his death he started hallucinating and i think he would’ve survived, but something inside of him just gave up. He wanted to die, and that was one of the hardest things to deal with. The fact that he wanted to leave us. I don’t believe in any form of afterlife so i guess death is just like a permanent sleep. Sheer oblivion…

Wow that got really deep/morbid really quickly. QUICK THINK ABOUT PIGS WITH WINGS! Better? Good.

Life changed completely after grandad died. My mum had now lost both of her parents and she has also recently lost her aunty as well. The grief wrecked our family and as my mum and i tried to cope, there were may family arguments and my dad nearly packed up and left. I also self-harmed a bit but managed to stop before it got too bad or anyone found out. I haven’t self-harmed since and i don’t plan on any time soon.

I also cut 11 inches off my hair and started this blog. Starting this blog was probably the best thing i’ve ever done and i’m so grateful for all the support, comment and likes from you guys and wordpress is probably the only reason i managed to get through this term. Yeah, school sucked but at least i’m a third through i guess!

My family and i then flew to Berlin for a magical 4 days. Secretly i wanted to just be at home but i could never say that to my family so that stays between us (and the rest of the internet!).

Xmas was pretty good and if you guys want me to do an xmas haul then comment below!

Yeah, that was my year in a slightly pudgy nutshell and i can’t believe it’s nearly 2016!!!!!!

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  1. Your such an inspiration, with your lovely bright smile (well you Internet smile in the way you are always lovely) despite what you have been through. I am so sorry about what happened but I am glad some aspects of 2015 were good for you. Blogging always makes me happy too! Wishing you the wonderful 2016 you deserve! xx

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  2. It’s so sad to hear about your family problems..:( it must’ve been so hard, especially for your mother… But these are the times when families should stick together even stronger! Hope this new year will be kinder to you and the ones you love!

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  3. Aw I’m upset you didn’t tell me about the self harming. Actually it’s kinda my fault because I should have noticed. If you ever need any self harm help I’m always here. Btw if you use scissors, make sure they’re sharp because if they’re blunt they will only make a small scratch and not much blood. You might also want to put some padding on the side of the scissors you’re holding or it might dig into your hand with the pressure you’re gripping it with. If you’re using a knife don’t use a butter knife or a bumpy knife. A sharp kitchen knife is the most effective on my perspective as it can go deepest and draw the most blood if you want it to.



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