Wanderlust – Dream Travel Ideas {1}

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Something that I love (that I’m sure many of you do too!) is to travel and explore new places, whether inside my own home city or whilst surrounded by new cultures abroad. I have so many places on my mental travel list, and I thought it would be interesting for me to collate some of these ideas into a new series on my blog for anyone who shares my wanderlust! {It’s also really useful for me as well so that I can finally pin point & list all of these ideas before I forget them!}

If you’ve ever visited these places or know anything about them, please comment below! I’d love to know more about them 🙂

(As I didn’t want to break any copyright laws, I didn’t include photos for some of the places – really sorry x)

1) Visit Norway!

Norway is right at the top of my travel bucket list as one of my best friends lives there. We talk over Skype about our future plans to tour each other round our home countries (England for me, Norway for him) and we plan to one day (hopefully!) spend some time wandering around the area of Oslo where he lives/grew up, and then journey North to see the Northern Lights. I’ve always been fascinated by the lights since I was little and I’ve seen adverts for some amazing hotels that are actually igloos with transparent roofs so that you can cosy up in the igloo and watch the beautiful Aurora Borealis dance in the sky above you without shivering outside in the cold!

2) Truly Explore London


Even though I’ve lived in London my entire life, I’ve probably not even explored a quarter of the amazing places that are right on my doorstep. There are posts all over the internet talking about the “hidden secrets” or “must-see sights” of this exuberant city and it’s my personal challenge for this summer (2018) to make a list and explore as many of them as possible, either on my own or with my friends, marking them off as I go (and of course I’ll keep you guys update on this blog too!)

3) Auschwitz, Poland

As my mother’s family heritage is Jewish (but I’m an atheist), I think it is important for me to visit Auschwitz at some point in my life. The horrors that occurred there cannot be forgotten and I think it would be a very moving trip, but also a good place for personal reflection.

4) Iceland

The natural beauty boasted by the astonishing photos of the Icelandic landscape just completely draws me to go there. As a person who really enjoys hiking and adventuring on foot (definitely an influence from the many walks I was taken on whilst I was on holiday with my parents when I was little!), the tourist footpaths along the volcanic landscape look fantastic – as well as the luxurious natural, muddy hot springs. I’d also like to visit some of the little, lesser known local towns to really get a good understanding of life in Iceland – as I’ve heard many good things about it from my parents’ friends who’ve lived/holiday-ed there.

5) New York!

What traveler’s list would be complete without the almost-obligatory trip to The Big Apple?! It’s at the top of my list for places to visit in the USA, and I’ve heard some amazing things about it from my mum who visits each year for work. As a huge (shameless) theatre nerd, I really want to watch a show on Broadway (and hopefully perform there one day!!) as well as have a good wander around Central Park and experience the exciting madness that is Times Square.

I hope you enjoyed the start to this Wanderlust series on my blog and please comment about your travel aspirations, experiences or any posts that you want to see in this series! 

I’m also looking for new blogs to read/follow to refresh my WordPress reader, so any blog recommendations are definitely welcome 🙂

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Georgie xx

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