Fighting for justice

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I was encouraged by a representative from Eventbrite to write about a charitable organisation that I thought was important and that people should know about, and in light of the current refugee crisis in particular, I decided to write about Amnesty International.

Amnesty International is a global organisation that works to protect people’s human rights and ensure that there is justice for everyone. One of its most well known cases currently is their assistance in the refugee crisis, though they are also involved in a wide variety of other cases such as protesting against the death penalty & torture, as well as raising the awareness of governmental mass surveillance and fighting for the release of prisoners of conscience (a person who is being imprisoned due to their political/religious views that are not permitted in the country/state that they are in).

This cause is particularly important to me as I believe that everyone should receive the full benefits of their human rights, should not be discriminated against and should be able to express freedom of speech without fear of torture or abuse. As a blogger, the idea of free speech and expression is crucial as it makes the online community wonderfully varied and allows people to share their views, developing a communal understanding of different opinions, enriching our perception of the world around us. My mother’s side of the family is also descended from refugees who left Russia at the beginning of the 20th century to escape religious persecution, eventually finding safety in England making the current humanitarian situation more personal for me as an individual, having heard the stories of my ancestors. As the numbers of reported hate-crime incidents are rising and the UK faces the consequences of the Brexit vote, it is crucial for people to actively fight against discrimination and work towards a society that openly accepts everyone, without any consideration of their sexuality, skin colour, political view or financial situation.

In 2015 I took part in the London “Refugees are welcome here” protest march and it was amazing to see so much support from so many people. The crowd had an electric atmosphere and I would definitely love to participate in more marches in the future and would encourage people to get involved if possible. To get involved or support the cause, you can join local Amnesty International activist groups, donate money, participate in or organize sponsored events (e.g. a marathon, sport activity) or add your name to one of their petitions.

Eventbrite is a company that supports people organising fundraising charity events for a cause that matters to them, helping Β to plan and promote the event at a discounted rate, if you are interested I would recommend finding out more through their website which is linked here.

Feel free to like, comment and subscribe, and let me know if you end up planning any fundraising event of your own. I’ve got some exciting news coming up in post which will be uploaded soon πŸ™‚

Georgie x


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