Little Blue Monday Update :)

Hiya to whoever is reading this,

How are you? I hope your 2017 is going well, mine is very busy but it seems to be working out ok so far (saying that now, Trump will be president in a few days so I may have to edit that last sentence from a nuclear bunker soon!). I’ve surprised myself by still having my  New Years Resolutions mostly intact, working out every morning before school hasn’t got much easier yet, but I’m sure it will in the next few weeks.

Settling back into the routine of school has beeen quite difficult, I’m exhausted every single day and my teachers are piling on the homework like there’s no tomorrow! Apparently today (Monday 16th Jan) is the annual Blue Monday, a scientist coined the 3rd Monday of January this as most people tend to ditch (or have ditched) their resolutions by now, & credit card bills are received and extended, so my form tutor decided to “lighten” the mood with a few cheesy jokes. In the end they did get us laughing a bit (some of them were really ridiculous!) and other than an unpleasant slime incident (that didn’t involve me but messed up my form room) nothing overly bad happened today.

On Saturday night, my mum and I ventured out in the cold to watch “La La Land” at the cinema, and I was completely bowled over by how good it was!!!! It was shot beautifully, kept you interested throughout, had an amazing soundtrack (which I totally haven’t been listening to on repeat all day!) and was funny with just the right amount on sentimentality at the end. I really recommend watching it if you get the chance, and/or downloading the soundtrack (it has a lot of modern-sounding jazz music in it which I love!).

At the moment I’m also learning speeches for my auditions for some of the National Youth theatres which I’m super nervous for. The workshops that I have to participate in, in the morning worry me the most as there is no way for me to prepare for them, that and the dance workshop. Hopefully the years of dance lessons will kick in and I won’t just  topple over in front of everyone (or trip myself up, a spectacular embarrassment that occurs at least once a week on the way into school). My school drama/music department is preparing for a show that I’m involved in as well at the moment and I’m really happy with how I’ve got the song I’m doing, to sound in my voice, all my rehearsals with my music teacher have ended up being cancelled though, so I’m very lucky to have my mum’s help, without her musical knowledge I would be utterly bamboozled.

My schedule got a bit overloaded the other week, with rowing every single day, musical theatre show rehearsals and tons of homework, needless to say my parents freaked out and emailed various teachers and coaches to help us sort it out; I’m now doing less indoor rowing sessions a week and the timetable for the rehearsals changes anyway, giving me time to actually sleep this half term (!)

I promise to have a proper post up soon,  I’ve just not had the chance to as of late, and I’ll try to film & upload for my YT channel.

By the way, if anyone has any tips for what to say when applying to work with brands, it would be really helpful as I never know what to say šŸ™‚

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