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Rowing has been something that has given me so much confidence. It gave me something to work towards when I just felt absolutely dejected and by having something so physical to push all of my energy into, it helped me to find a positive outlook or outcome I guess, for the negative stuff.

I recently found out that because of the lack of training time and facilities, our coach is going to reduce the squad completely, cutting 20 girls from across 3 year groups.

And my worry is, I might be one of the girls hanging up my wellies.

We’ve all been told we have a month to “prove ourselves”, attending EVERY session, and basically hitting whatever goals we can to get ourselves out of the red. To help matters, our coach has completely changed the timetable AGAIN (!) and when I asked if I should attend Group A or B training (the coach changed the squads so none of us know what squad we are) I was told to attend all of them. You might think that seems a bit pointless to be complaining about, as logically it gives me more to time show that I am worth a place on the team, but training nearly every lunchtime and many evenings a week, on top of all of other commitments (e.g. music scholar stuff, hockey, music lessons, ballet, etc.) seems a tad crazy to me!

The fact is that 20 girls will have to leave. Obviously our coach wants our school to start being able to compete in regattas properly, so no doubt ability will come into play a lot in the squad decisions; and that’s my worry.

I’m probably one of the weakest links.

My scores are never at the top, not because I don’t try, but because other people are stronger, or can beast mode it for longer, or can find one scrap more bit of mental strength than I can. I’ve been rowing for a little over a year now, and by no means am I ready to stop. The amount of time I’ve given up for training sessions, had to swap lessons at the last minute just so I can make it to training, run helter-skelter up the main road from my piano lesson just to make sure I’m on the minibus in time, rowing kit in one hand, piano lesson music in the other. And what about the really expensive kit that we were told we all had to buy. What am I meant to do with it if I have to go? The coach already put the others off using second hand kit and I really don’t want my parent’s money to have been wasted.

So here’s my plan of action.

1) Get my mental ass in gear.

I need to start pulling out all of the stops in training. Push myself until my legs are numb with pain and scrape all of my mental capability together when it comes to the last resilient push. I can’t give up at any point, even when I get really dizzy, or who knows, it might mean the difference between a place on the team, or being left behind.

2) Keep my workouts up.

I’ve put together a little strength workout routine to do every morning, I’ve been really inconsistent with it though, some morning just being too rushed, tired or lazy to move. Not any more! I need all the strength and stamina I can get, so you can probably guess who’ll be doing crunches, squats and stretches at 6:30am! (yay)

ps. if you want me to post my basicΒ morning workout routine, comment below!

3) Start Planking again.

Part of the squad trials that we do, always includes holding plank and wall-sit for as long as possible. Wall-sit I can hold for at least 10 minutes, plank; not so much. I always end up slipping at the most stupid time and feeling rubbish for days afterwards when I come down before other people. To rectify my weakling planks, I’m gonna start practising every day, making sure to add it into my workout each morning. Not just a 3 minute deal, a full hold-it-until-you-collapse one, so I’m ready when we have to do it in the trials.

4) Motivation.

Every time it comes to the last lesson before lunch-time rowing, and I feel a bit of a stray, negative or lazy thought slipping in; Β I’m going to try to swat it away, as I know I won’t be able to push myself as hard as possible if I’m not purely focusing on the positive. Seeing now that it’s already November (!), I think endless xmas music will probably play a large part in this!

So, what do you guys think? If you have any advice, motivation, leg/abs exercises suggestions, (or anything really), please comment it below!

You guys are probably my best motivators, and I’ll let you guys know how it goes πŸ™‚

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