Little Victories…

Hiya to whoever is reading this,


Recently, my confidence has plummeted. I’ve got no idea why, I guess that’s just part of the life of a hormonal teenager (yay). It left me feeling really thrown aside and I found myself picking at every part of who I am, questioning all the things that had previously kept me going in times like this. I felt rubbish. I didn’t want to burden my friends (or parents) with all my problems, and most of me just wanted to curl up in a dark room and cry it all out, but unfortunately there isn’t always time for that. I was really stressed out with my school work and reaching the end of my seemingly endless to-do list felt impossible, and definitely became a rarity.

So I thought I’d share some of my tips to get through confidence drops and stress, I hope it helps someone out there because those situations are not fun to be in.

1) Laugh

This might seem obvious but I don’t think we ever appreciate how much of an effect laughter has. Maybe it’s an inside joke with one of your closest friends (FLASH-AAH) or a cat fails video on Youtube, but whatever it is, take 5 minutes out of whatever you’re doing to find that little moment of laughter, you’d be surprised at the lift it gives you.

2) Get Organised

Break each task into lots of little, manageable pieces, a bit like the way your parents used to cut food up into little bite-size chunks that you could eat when you were a toddler. It also helps to make a really clear to-do list that you can tick each little part off on; not only does it help you get on top of what you’re trying to do, it also feels really satisfying to see the progress (however slow it is) that you’re making. Each little victory adds up and makes the top of the workload mountain much closer.

3) Keep Track of ideas

This also applies to tip 2, but I thought I’d throw it in anyway; don’t forget to write down each idea as it comes! Whether it’s a set of messy bullet points or just a quick word or two, it makes it easier to get your ideas together and create a less stressful environment when it comes to putting the final piece of work together.

4) Go on a adventure with friends

This applies to confidence more than stress, but one of the best things to help pick you up is to have a crazy amazing day with your closest friends. What might seem like a really sucky time can be hugely changed with a little spontaneity, and who knows you might end up having an awesome day. You are probably most relaxed around your best friends and a little touch of fun does miracles to low confidence.

Anyway, I hope you guys found this helpful and please suggest any posts you want me to write (Halloween or Xmas themed?)…?

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Ps. I might just have a new video up on my YT channel in the not too distant future…. πŸ™‚


5 thoughts on “Little Victories…

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  1. Georgie it’s so good to read your posts again! They’re still as amazing as ever. They’re just so full of energy and personality and i don’t know, it’s just your style! Thankyou! πŸ™‚ I see you make videos now (yeah I have catching up to do).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi!
      Thanks 😊
      That’s such a kind thing for you to say, my confidence hasn’t been good recently so to read something so positive makes a difference πŸ™‚
      Good luck on your catch-up mission, I’ve got a new video hopefully going up tomorrow πŸ™‚


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