Hi, Autumn…

Hiya to whoever is reading this,


Most people enjoy Autumn (well, September; not so much, social media autumn; yep!) and to be perfectly honest, I don’t blame them, I think I do too. Recently I’ve been noticing all of the little fragments of autumnal beauty that previously, I’ve been too rushed or too caught up in my own little world to realise.

As I walk into school, I pass many trees, topped with flickering, burnished leaves. The ground underfoot scattered with the ones that weren’t quite so lucky in the strong breeze. The cold, grey morning air, tinged golden with the first hints of morning sun, equally chills and awakens me with each breath, my lungs completely unprepared for such a shock, so early in the morning.

Horse Chestnut trees lining the fences litter their spiky green cases all over the pavements. The cracked pods seem almost neon against the weathered grey of the road, their precious contents rolling away and settling in the ridges. If I’m on time and not too rushed for whatever reason, I glance my eyes around the trunk of the trees, searching for an unopened shell, and on the not too rare occasion that I find one or two, I step and twist my foot to open it, the way my dad taught me to when I was little on the walk to my nursery. Every autumn, our house used to be full of pinecones and conkers alike, little decorations that 4 year old Georgie had insisted be kept. We used to leave our local park with unsteady armfuls of autumnal treasures and I’d wash them at home, revealing their glossy polish.

My lips and nails are usually blue by this point as I quietly rub my hands together, passing  adults off to their workplace. I always find it amusing imagining stories for each unassuming passer-by, as often I see the same people, wandering up the same street (probably wondering why a random schoolgirl has stopped to take a photo of the leaves, answer; it was for this post!).

Even if it’s raining, the beauty of this time of year never fails to astonish me. The burnt orange of the leaves, the golden beams of sun, the rich tones of the earth seem to come alive in the autumn. As each year rolls past, the constant relaxed elegance of this glowing season provides a continuity of sorts. It previews the cinnamon scents of the festive season, just peeking round the corner, with October 31st threatening us to hurry up deciding on our Halloween costumes (even if it is only the beginning of the month!).
It provides a seamless transition from the loud vibrance of summer, to the cosy hush of winter and yet seems to remain magical in its own right.

I hope you enjoyed my first proper Autumn post! If there are any Fall themed posts you want me to write (or film!) then please comment below…

What is your favourite thing about/to do in Autumn? Please comment below as I might use them as inspiration for a post coming up very soon… (the comment-er would obviously get a shout out! πŸ™‚   )

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19 thoughts on “Hi, Autumn…

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  1. Great post ❀️ I love dog walks/walks in general in Autumn , when everyone gets dressed up all warm in wellies and half way you stop for hot chocolate, those are the days i remember πŸ˜πŸ™Œ actually so excited for Autumn

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  2. This was such a lovely post! In love your style of writing! Very artistic!! Maybe you can take a look at my blog I recently started and I’d be happy to exchange likes on posts that we actually like of eachothers and a follow

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