A little stroke of luck…

Hiya to whoever is reading this,


I’m usually not a very lucky person. I rarely win anything at raffles, and never get good ideas for things until I’m about to go to sleep that night. So yesterday must have definitely been a blue moon!

Anyway, I had a hospital appointment at 3:45, so I had to leave school about 10 minutes into the first afternoon lesson. It was a pretty average Chemistry lesson and without any homework or due or being set, as a class we felt pretty good. I was keeping my eye on the clock, counting down the seconds until I could leave.

Until our teacher decided to do a quick quiz on the first 50 (!) elements on the periodic table!

Everyone’s jaws dropped at least 40ft, and a low grumble of annoyance washed over the class. The teacher began to write the questions on the board whilst everyone opened their books and prepped stationary (etc.)

I absent mindlessly glanced sideways to the clock, and almost cried with relief when I noticed that it was 2:10, in other words, the time I’d said I needed to leave. I stuck my hand into the air with a sense of victory and after being allowed to go, i began to throw all my stuff into my bag (accidentally on top of the metaphorical dancing leprechaun I keep in my bag for times like this). Even though my bag was super heavy, it felt like a  jumbled pile of featherlight lucky shamrocks as I waltzed out of the science lab.

As I shut the door, the rest of my class shot me a look of utter hatred and envy that practically told me I better watch my back and I noticed J (one of my closest friends) mouth “help me” through the glass portholes in the door, making me laugh all the way to the bus stop.

Sorry for such a random post, and I promise to upload more frequently, but I’ve been so caught up with school clubs, faulty wifi and being ill that I haven’t had the chance.

I hope you guys are having an awesome week (I promise we can fight through until Friday!)

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