Slipping through my fingers…

Hiya to whoever is reading this,


Time seems to be slipping past me faster than it ever has before.

It’s lunchtime at school for me now, and literally feels like I only just walked through the school gate. The day is speeding along and I seem to only have just realised quite how fast it’s going. My mind is swirling with all of the things people are saying to me and it seems crazy that I’m already in the 2nd week of school.

There are so many things I want to do before xmas, which I thought I had ages to do and suddenly it seems like no time at all. But now, sat in the computer lab with my headphones plugged into an elctro house music playlist from Youtube, it feels like my grasp of time is completely out of sync with the rest of me.

For example, my dad left today, the show he is doing is starting it’s run in another town before it comes to London in a few months. Even though he’ll try to get home every weekend, I’m really going to miss him and my mum and I will have to get our act together and Β make sure we don’t sleep through the alarm! It feels like a decade ago that we were in the restaurant in Greece, musing over the MONTH of summer holidays I then had left, and yet the time has slipped by and I’m suddenly here.

Same girl, but a completely different world.

I know this sounds stupid, but It’s almost difficult for me to imagine that life is still going on in the area where we were on holiday. There are a few weeks left of the holiday season in Stoupa and yet it feels like time should have frozen after we left. Obviously the sensible part of me knows that everything is just the same as normal there and that everything moved on.

But the nostalgic part longs for the frozen perfection of the sun, the sea and the serenity of the 2 weeks. I keep replaying the moment I jumped off the boat for the first time and my heart still flutters with the lasting quiet ripples of the daredevil-ish thrill I felt when me feet left the wooden security of the ship.

I guess the only thing for me to do now, is to make the most of the time I live in now so I can look back at it with the same resonant pride that I feel when I think of my time in Greece.

Wish me luck πŸ™‚

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