First YouTube Video!

Hiya to whoever is reading this,


I just launched my YouTube channel!

My channel name is Georgie Grl (hopefully linked!)

I was really nervous about taking the step onto YouTube, especially because it involved showing you guys what I actually look like (multiple sleepless nights of indecision!) as well as worries about how good my camera/equipment quality is.
Needless to say, my first video is now up for you guys to (hopefully) enjoy!

I teamed up with my best friend, Issy, to film this Q&A and I want to say a MASSIVE thank you to her for all of the advice, support and laughter that helped me get my channel started.

I will hopefully be posting a video every (or every other) weekend but please take into consideration that I still go to school, so time to film/ edit will be hard fought for! I’ll also try to respond to as many comments as possible but it may take me a few days. Yes, I know my camera quality isn’t amazing, but I’m making do with what I have, and I’m definitely going to be saving up for a DSLR camera, good camera lens and a Go-Pro/vlogging camera.

PLEASE COMMENT WHAT VIDEOS YOU WANT ME TO MAKE! My videos will range from some beauty and lifestyle stuff, occasional DIY’s, Q&A’s and challenge videos, even a bit of gaming if I figure out the copyright rules! XD  But hopefully there should be something for everyone to enjoy watching.

Feel free to like, reblog, comment, check out my channel (it feel so strange saying that!) and subscribe!





61 thoughts on “First YouTube Video!

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  1. I loved it Georgie. It was great to see ‘The’ Georgie you look great very pretty, cool and so was your friend. She sounds nice. I love your accent adds to your awesomeness. UK girls rule! You looked really cool with your glasses and you come across very intelligent and articulate in the video. I loved it and look forward to more of your videos. I am doing well I got a new Diabetes doctor who prescribed me an extra diabetes pill that has my blood sugar under control. Was down when I started writing a new horror book and viewers were at an all time low now they are at their highest. Very proud its an awesome horror book and coming together very organically and nicely. ttys Georgie


      1. Your welcome Georgie I am glad you showed the blog community what you look like. You look what like a beautiful young girl looks like and will grow into a real beautiful woman one day. I loved your video can’t wait for next videos. I subscribed to your channel. Thanks yea I wrote half of my book in 4 days. I’ve had some great twists and turns in the book shocking kills so far so its deff a masterpiece in the works. Yea with the diabetes pill no more high sugars. I am so glad we are friends Georgie. It’s nice to have a cool, super intelligent, funny beautiful, sweet and talented girl as your friend!


      2. Your welcome Georgie if you check out my latest blogpost I shared the link to your youtube video and offered some kind words about you and are friendship. I am sure you will get tons of views and subscribers from my friends and followers.

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      1. Well..what are you interested in? I like all types of videos tbh. Unboxing videos, testimonials on stuff, or maybe just you talking about something close to heart in front of a camera would be great!

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  2. Hey, I just saw you start your youtube channel. I was wondering if you had any worries about starting the channel. I just graduated from uni and am really worried about that it will be difficult for me to find a job if I’m on the internet. I’ll definitely check out your videos and subscribe to your channel and follow your blog.

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    1. Hi,
      Yeah, I was a bit anxious, mostly because people had known me anonymously on my blog for over a year, so to finally show my face, it felt a bit daunting to say the least! If you’re worried, I’d suggest doing a bit of research online or watch a few Youtube videos about how to begin/build a Youtube channel as it really helped give me a bit of confidence. If you aren’t sure, keep going with your blog (which is really good by the way!) and see how you feel.
      Good luck either way 🙂


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