What a Week! =)

Hiya to whoever is reading this,

I want this post to be a thank you to so many people; all of my friends who have made me laugh so hard this past week, my mum for being so brave even though she was on the other side of the world on her own and my dad for being there for me this week, with all the hugs and bad “dad” jokes.

And also to you guys, my subscribers, but I’ll explain a bit more about that at the end of this post!

(Each part of this post was written on the day that it happened, explaining the present-ish tense style) XD

Monday – 22/08/2016


There are things that prove to be milestones when growing up or being a teenager, so wandering around Oxford Street with Amelia (one of my closest friends), unhindered by worrying parents felt slightly like that glowing, shining lights, level-up moment in a video-game. My dad is rehearsing for a play in town at the moment, so we met him for lunch at the food stalls outside the rehearsal rooms. The alluring aroma of the cooking food from many different cultures was mouth-watering but we eventually settled on getting our lunch from the Tai/Oriental food stall. The crispy aromatic duck bento box has now become a firm favourite of mine and Amelia’s “too spicy!” face was hilarious, even though she ordered the non-spicy chicken peanut tacos (sorry Meils!)

We then ventured into Oxford Street (after a year-long detour into Tiger) and fought our way through the crowds, to LUSH. Somehow Amelia managed to resist from buying the entire shop (!) and I decided to try the BIG solid conditioner as it uses less harmful packaging than bottled hair products and it smells awesomesauce, so hopefully it’ll work just as well.


Brandy Melville on Carnaby Street was PACKED so we avoided buying anything from there (I’d still be there now if joined that queue!), New Look on Oxford Street was also an unsuccessful stop for me but Meils bought a baby blue/white striped t-shirt and sweater in the same sort of colours. The most successful shop for me was Forever 21, I bought this beautiful, autumn skater dress which is the colour of Mulled wine (hopefully I might be able to show you guys the dress on video soon…) with a matching clip-on bow to style my hair with, as well as a variety of ear-cuffs. I really want to get a cartilage piercing on my ear but as I can’t get one immediately, I’m making do with clip-ons despite the agony! XD


After stupidly misunderstanding where the bus stop was, we managed to get on the right bus, weighed down with shopping bags with considerably lighter purses! The best part of the bus route we took home, is that you go right past big London landmarks such as the Houses of Parliament, Downing Street and over the infamous River Thames and can see the tourists milling around with their cameras on the busy street.

Tuesday – 23/08/2016


Baking and cooking are 2 of my favourite hobbies, so one of my friends and I joined forces and made some amazing Malteser cupcakes, as well as our favourite Oreo cupcakes. The icing we made for them was terribly sweet but still delicious enough and as we decorated our baked creations, we imitated the professional chefs and bakers that you see on the TV and couldn’t stop laughing! Our impressions were mainly sugar/cake/icing fuelled and we made a tremendous mess, that took ages to clean up (Update from a few days later; I’m still finding sugar sliver ball decorations on the kitchen floor!). We then powered up my laptop and created yet another crazy character on Sims 3 which has kind of become a tradition for us and took turns making our sim do the weirdest of things (yeah the sugary icing totally had no affect…..).


Wednesday – 24/08/2016

The area where I live has been really quiet recently as most people are still away on holiday or in other parts of the country, but it still came as a surprise to Scarlett and I when the cinema was COMPLETELY empty! We munched popcorn as loudly as possible, celebrating the fact that there was no one to annoy and chatted throughout the film. The movie we were watching was “Swallows and Amazons” which was better than I expected it to be, neither of us had read the book but we enjoyed the film all the same. I’d definitely recommend watching it if you get the chance! =)

Thursday – 25/08/2016

I hadn’t planned anything for today, but what I ended up doing turned out to be quite a nice way to spend the day; I ventured into town on my own, on public transport and met my dad for a coffee during his lunch break. When my dad had to go back into rehearsals, I walked down Oxford Street on my own, enjoying being part of a crowd, going unnoticed amongst the mass of people experiencing the crowds of London for the first time. I didn’t stop in any shops and ended up catching the tube home from Oxford Circus. For dinner, I made frikadellen (german burgers) but some teenagers abut my age, were banging on our front door then running away as well as hitting our windows with bottles. My dad stormed out of the front door and chased them down the street, needless to say, they didn’t bother us again!

Friday – 26/08/2016


Most of my week was spent in town, as I visited Oxford street with another friend (Sienna) and heard all about her trip to LA. We looked in all the usual shops and found it really difficult not to splurge all of our money on random things in Urban Outfitters! We couldn’t stop laughing at the overly enthusiastic DJ in H&M and her unusually energetic dance moves and had to duck behind a pillar so that she didn’t see us! We tried on some of the random hats, just as a joke and saw a Pusheen t-shirt that some of our friends would probably murder for!


We also made a stop in Brandy Melville on Carnaby Street where I bought a halter-neck camisole with light blue and white stripes. (Update from a few days later; I’ve worn it a few times and it is so comfortable!) We passed a Superdrug on the way back, so I bought a new moisturiser, 2 spray in-wash out hair colours and a few other random bits and pieces.  I also purchased a small welcome home gift for my mum, which I hope she likes!

Saturday – 27/08/2016

Jess and I went to see “The Play That Goes Wrong” at the Duchess Theatre and we couldn’t stop laughing at the ridiculous errors! Personally, I found the 2nd half the funniest as it was more of my sort of humour with most of the set hanging in pieces by the end of the play, I can only imagine the utter chaos that would take place if that happened during on of our school plays! It was bad enough when the fire shooting wand malfunctioned during “The Witches” so I shudder when I imagine how stressed my teacher would be if the set collapsed too!!!

Sunday – 28/08/2016

Terminal 4 at Heathrow airport is not the most enjoyable place to wait on Sunday mornings, as I have recently found out. My mum was arriving back from South America today, so my dad and I decided to surprise her at the airport and help her manage her massive suitcases on public transport. To say that she was jet-lagged would be an understatement, but after a well-earned nap when she got home, we had to get ready to meet some friends for dinner in town at a fancy restaurant! The grandeur of the restaurant never fails to astound me and the journalist who was with us, took some photos of us at the table for his article, but we’ll have to wait to see if any of them ended up in the magazine!

Bank Holiday Monday – 29/08/2016

You know it’s nearly the end of the summer holidays, when you have to go back to school shopping for new stationary. For most people, this is the fun part and the last chance to enjoy a bit of spending therapy before the dull torment of school starts again, but seeing as all I needed to buy was pencils, ink cartridges, plastic folders and sticky back plastic, it wasn’t quite so fun and merely a reminder of how soon I’ll need to use things like that again! (nooooooo…..)


After a quick salad for tea, we rushed out again to the same restaurant but instead of eating a meal there, we sat in the “Bar Americanne” and chatted over drinks with one of our friends who we saw on Sunday, and a few old/new friends. Obviously I didn’t drink anything alcoholic, but I did have the Lady Day cocktail without the gin, it was probably the best drink I have ever had and I kept my paper drink mat as a souvenir!


If you’ve survived to here and you’re still reading then wow, well done! XD


The day that this post went up (30/08/2016) is my 1 year anniversary of joining wordpress and starting my blog, so I wanted to say a quick thank you to all of you amazing people who read, like and comment on my posts. If you’ve been here since the relative beginning, or are a recent addition to the extended wordpress family, then I hope you know how much I love being able to communicate with you guys through my blog. I wouldn’t have had the confidence to do this without all of your support and I hope this virtual hug is a good enough gift in return =)

sending virtual hug gif

Feel free to like, comment and subscribe!






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