Amazing Days in the Sunshine…

Hiya to whoever is reading this,

The wifi has been frustratingly bad recently so even though I have written posts, the drafts haven’t saved properly and sometimes I can’t even get online to WordPress. There have been so many posts that I’ve wanted to do as I have actually done some pretty fun things this past week, so I hope this condensed life update/what I’ve been up to post is interesting for you guys.



Happy Birthday Meils! Monday was one of my favourite days (a rarity) this week as it was one of my friend’s birthdays and to celebrate we slid down the massive orbit slide in the Olympic Park in London. The slide itself is built around the Arcelor Mittal Orbit sculpture, a feature of the Olympic Park built for the 2012 Olympic games in London and is taller than the Statue of Liberty. Full of sharp turns and twists, sliding down the dark tunnels was one of the best things I have ever done, parts of the slide even had windows so you could see the minuscule expanse of the park underneath you but by the end my hands were stiff from gripping on to the handle of the sack. The birthday girl screamed all the way down (the video footage was hilarious) but I remained mostly silent, with the only noises being the air whistling around me and the occasional excited whoop! Undoing the straps of the elbow, knee and head supports with such numb fingers was a tricky feat, made even harder by my legs, trembling with giddy exhilaration and we all sighed with the impossible wish to go again.


After a celebratory ice-cream, we travelled back on the tube to a local open-air pool which, as usual, was colder than the arctic sea. My lips and nails were blue in seconds but I stayed in the pool swimming laps, much longer than anyone else did, and it was an amusing sight as the group of us walked back to my friend’s house, our hair leaving massive trademark dark patches of dripping water on our dresses and t-shirts and various members of our group applying make-up whilst walking (a potentially risky challenge).

Later that evening, we ate an amazing birthday dinner (pizza, hot dogs and rainbow cake), watched a film and only settled down to sleep after failing at doing a smokey eye-shadow look on each other, leaving me very glad that I’d packed face-wash and moisturizer!

The next morning we munched on honey cheerios and pancakes before the fairly short bus route up the hill towards home.


I was completely exhausted when I got home after Amelia’s party, so I took a well earned nap before heading to Canada Park in Canary Wharf with my mum to a packed concert celebrating the “Great American Songbook”, including the work of Sinatra, the Gershwin siblings and other big Broadway hits. One of my parents’ friend’s was singing so we enjoyed a make-shift picnic on our throw blanket as the evening drew darker.

Needless to say, I slept well that night!



Following on from the events at the end of May when I was admitted to hospital, I had to go to an Allergy Clinic Appointment to see if allergy was the cause. My mum and I arrived early, so we walked around the area and watched the bright red London buses cross the Bridge next to the Houses of Parliament.

The nurses in the hospital were so kind, explaining the science behind the allergy tests and making me feel comfortable with the fierce itching on my right arm. First, the nurse inscribed biro numbers on my arm, placing the corresponding allergen by the marks ( dog essence anyone?) and gently pricking the skin under the droplets to let the liquids flow into my blood. After about 10mins, itchy white bumps had risen next to the numbers of the allergy causing substances and showing that I’m now allergic to tree pollen, dust mites and sadly cats (nooooooooo…!)


I’ve been trying to get back into fitness again after my holiday in Greece, so I went on a run  on Thursday with my mum trailing (far) behind me. My mum was packing for her trip to South America so we mostly had a day at home, but it was nice to get outside and shake out my legs.



Today was the day my mum left for Columbia, so we joined the Friday evening queues at the nail salon. I got a french manicure whilst my mum enjoyed a pedicure and a manicure. It felt good to be able to spend some time with my mum before she left for her 10 day trip to Columbia and Costa Rica as even though it might sound silly, I’ll really miss her. I slipped a homemade card into her suitcase, covered in photos of all of our favourite memories together from the past few years and despite her constant worrying, she got packed and at the airport in plenty of time.


I hope you guys liked this post and comment what you guys have been up to as it would be interesting to know =)

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21 thoughts on “Amazing Days in the Sunshine…

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      1. Working on my diabetes too. Seeing a new Diabetes dr in November. Got a notebook for food journal and record blood sugar numbers. Wish me luck Georgie gonna try to improve my Diabetes. I have been doing a good job just not seeing the best results I can yet. You can always work harder.

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      2. thanks georgie it was a life changing moment on my walk i have more free time to devot to my diabetes so i think i can work harder. ill let you know how i do but takes like 3 months to show improvement.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. yea deff if u really get strict cut out more sugar eliminate any shake or beverage with sugar that is a big one. i like coffee coolatas they have too much sugar in them i am cutting them out permanently. another thing is cutting out things u cant control in portion control. i need to add more fruits and veggies. gonna have carrots yum

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