Missing The Sun! – Greece Holiday Photos

Hiya to whoever is reading this,

I think I’ve mentioned this before, but last Sunday I got back from an amazing 2 week holiday in Greece, the holiday was pretty much everything we hoped it would be, and much more besides. The last time I visited this particular place in Greece, I was still quite little, but it was interesting to see how the area had changed (spoiler alert; it hadn’t changed much!) My family and I are so busy rushing around everywhere during term time, so having a blissful 2 weeks in the sun was exactly what the doctor ordered!

I thought I’d share some of my favourite photos that I took whilst I was away, obviously there aren’t any photos of my face (or my family) for anonymous reasons but I hope you guys like the pics all the same. I’m not really going into too much detail on what we did in this post, but please comment if you want me to do a journal sort of post!

I’m always open to constructive feedback on my photos so please feel free to comment what you think… =)


I know this isn’t really a proper photo per say, but it is one of my favourites of the pool that I uploaded to Snapchat whilst I was away.


Just as a warning, there are going to be lots of photos of sunsets/the sun XD


When you try to get an artsy shot of your parents eating breakfast, but they can’t “act natural”…



The view from a restaurant overlooking the beach and the beautiful, clear water…


Random view of a dip in the valley/road we were walking down


This is one of my absolute favourite photos I took on the trip. I ended up setting it as my phone background and every time I look at it, it reminds me of how excited I was for the holiday when we were sat on the plane, waiting to take off.


An example of our lunch that we usually ate on our balcony. Yes, I know it is really obviously edited, but I thought the colours really popped and were amazingly vivid with this filter.


Sunset over the harbour


The ruins of the walls at ancient Messini


The theatre at ancient Messini


Olive groves near the coastal path to the next village





Even when I was little, we used to find these pirate symbols spray painted along the route to the next village, it’s funny how little some things change.



Ice-cream at a cafe in the next village. I got a scoop of cinnamon cookie flavour and a scoop of Bounty coconut flavour, and it tasted delicious!!!






After this photo was taken, the seemingly-cute kitten then proceeded to play-flight with my bag. Bag Update; it now is covered in little claw marks and punctures XD



The decorated stone that was on our table one night at a restaurant…


The kitten then attacked my mum’s bag a few days later… and then promptly fell asleep on top of it!


I felt like tracing a heart in the froth on my coffee =)


The view from the fortress at ancient Mystras.


I climbed up the highest fortress wall ruins at Mystras (don’t worry, I was allowed to) and if I had fallen, it would have been over a 1000ft drop! =0      =)




The view over the pool early in the morning on the day that we left =(     =)

Hope you guys liked these photos, and if you want a post about what I got up to in Greece, please comment!

What have you guys been doing this summer? It would be interesting to see what you guys are doing with your summer, so feel free to comment below …

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