What Changed…?

Hiya to whoever is reading this,

(At least I’ve got this kitten for company 😊)

As you might know, I’m on holiday in Greece at the moment. I’m having an amazing time but this is when one of the disadvantages of being an only child comes into play; you feel so, totally alone.

Obviously I have my parents, but with none of my usual friends around, you start to feel quite isolated. Yes, the immediate resolution to this is to try to make friends with the other people your age staying in the same accommodation. Maybe say hi when you’re both around the pool, get chatting and without even trying you’ll have found a friend.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to work like that for me.

I remember how blissfully easy that whole situation was when I was little. I definitely wasn’t an overly confident kid or anything, but I was bold enough to go over to the person, say hi, introduce myself and start a conversation, even if we’d had no exchange previously. So logically thinking, it should still be the same, right?

Maybe not…

Let’s bring it back to now. There are a few people my age by the pool today. But something’s stopping me from going over and starting a conversation, and I can’t put my finger on what it is. The situation hasn’t changed much since I was little, so what has changed?

It could be down to the fact that as you grow up, you become more wary of people (probably because they’re more likely to have different interests to you), or maybe your fear of rejection has increased; when you’re little, life moves very fast and any smidgen of embarrassment is soon forgotten as you become distracted by other things, whereas when you grow up, the embarrassment of rejection lasts and the lack of big distractions causes it to linger. I guess I’m also worried of how people will perceive me and how they’ll judge me.

Also what do you say? I feel that if I go up to a person and start asking things like “how are you?” or “what hobbies do you have?” I’ll seem kinda desperate. Obviously if someone asked me that, I would never perceive them as desperate but there’s the part of me that’s so anxious of seeming or looking. weird, that I can’t bring myself to make the first move.

Annoyingly, I always seem to feel like that when I’m saying goodbye to someone I’ve just met for the first time. Part of me seems sure that I’ve made that person hate me or that they think I’m a weirdo.

What do you guys think? 

Should I introduce myself to these people?

If you’ve got any advice on what I should say, then please comment below!!!!

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12 thoughts on “What Changed…?

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  1. Wow, I’m tackling this issue myself, although not in an such an amazing place as Greece 🙂

    I’m finding that I have to learn to love myself, and to love my own company before I can learn to love other people and theirs. Once I manage, making friends will become natural. And it’s all in my head. That social anxiety you have? I have it too. It’s crazy hard to deal with sometimes, but for me, the best thing to do is take a deep breath, smile and keep going.

    You absolutely should go say hi to people at the pool, why not?! This is the best because they’re strangers. If they don’t like you, then that’s cool, their loss, and they’re strangers anyway. Everyone you know was a stranger to you at some point. Hold in there, and go for it!

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    1. Thank you so much for your comment 😄
      I struggle with loving myself and I know how hard it is to, making it so inspiring and amazing that you’re able to love yourself 👍🏻
      I’ve not got diagnosed social anxiety as I find it easy to talk to adults I’ve never met.
      Your comment has inspired me to maybe have a go at saying hi to the people by the pool, I’ll update you on how it goes tomorrow 😊


  2. Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself Georgie you are an awesome person so making friends will be easy for you. You can ask them what brings them on vacation. You can ask them what they like doing for fun around there. You could ask them how their summer is going. It’s hard making friends and hard putting yourself out there I know. I put myself out there I got rejected a few times but I ended up with a bunch of great friends for being brave to put myself out there. Have confidence in your awesomeness Georgie!

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  3. I don’t know what to say, because I myself would never say hi to those people because I just don’t want to. I changed a lot… What happened… hmm…

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    1. Sorry if this post made you feel bad, i didn’t mean for it to have that affect 😱
      Just because you wouldn’t want to say hi to those ppl doesn’t make you a bad person in any way and ironically, I didn’t end up speaking to them anyway 😂


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