Thank you so much 😊

Hiya to whoever is reading this,

As some of you might know, we hit 500 followers recently! I wanted to thank you guys so much for all the support and kindness you’ve shown me since I joined WordPress as obviously none of this would be possible without you guys.

The WordPress community has given me a reason to keep going over the past few months which have been quite a difficult time for me. You kept me smiling, laughing and I’ve enjoyed reading all of your posts as much as I’ve enjoyed writing mine πŸ˜„

I’ve been on holiday in Greece for the past few days, I’ve taken loads of photos and I can’t wait to show you guys my favourites, as well as the final photos from my trip to France.

You know a while ago I promised I would start a YouTube Channel… well hopefully I should start it in the last weeks of August or early September! More info on this soon πŸ˜„

Anyway, hope you guys are enjoying your summer hols and thank you so much for everything!

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