Anything for air…

Hiya to whoever is reading this,

A deep, vibrating, barking cough escapes my chest.

The lining of my throat, a swollen mass of pain, the coughing not helping in any way to soothe it.

The underground walls of the aquarium are dark and foreboading. My loud coughs cause many people to stare. As the coughing becomes more violent, my teachers begin to argue over what treatments to offer. They shout over the top of me and eventually send me to see the outside part of the aquarium, watching the seals briefly emerge from the water but cheekily diving down to avoid any decent, insta worthy photos from being desperately captured.

One of my friends sits by me as the coughing slowly subsides a little. Later on the coach, a ton of  throat sweets consumed, the coughing fades to nothingness. Leaving me with only a few mild coughs to emerge later on when the long coach journey finally ends and I’m pleased to be back in my own home.

The next day, I beg my mum to let me go to my friend’s party. Persuading that the coughing (which has returned) will not ruin the party. The coughing is merely a distant background acquaintance as I laugh with my friends. As I leave the party with my dad, the coughing worsens.

Deep rattles growl from my throat. The pain as sore as a million powerful bee stings. My dad and I walk hurriedly down to a walk-in clinic. The violent coughing worsens with the polluted air and when I get home; a taxi to A&E seems to be one of my only options. I argue that I don’t want to waste the NHS’ time, I curl up in the warming embrace of my sofa. Lying in an ill doze. I feel terrible.

Many iced waters later the coughing dies away as my mum forces strongly scented handkerchiefs near my face to clear my tubes. Helping me to breathe through my nose.

And that takes me to now. Terrified for the results of my upcoming allergy test at the end of August. Worried for the next few hours, the coughing is predicted to worsen at night.

Wish me luck

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I promise I’ll be posting properly soon. I’ve had masses keeping me away from the keyboard and I’ve missed you guys terribly!





39 thoughts on “Anything for air…

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  1. Hope you feel better Georgie! It sounds terrible 😦 AT least when you find out what is causing your cough, you can fight and avoid it, rather than not knowing whats causing it! x

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  2. Just take it easy. Don’t force your throat too much. Don’t drink cold water and hot water as it will worsen the situation. I had experience with that too. I hope this help. Get well soon!

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  3. Jeez that sounds terrible. I had bronchitis, and when I have colds the cough lasts for months. Let me tell you, I sound like a goose. I actually felt bad cause I was playing violin in orchestra but I kept coughing and I kept interrupting everyone :P. It really hurts the muscles when you cough continuously, at night I wake my family up. Hurts to breath in fully. You need a nice massage, and lots of cough drops at night 😛 I’m glad that school is ending for you, make sure to take rest. Stay away from cold foods and things. But seriously I sound like a fricking goose when I cough. I really hope you feel better, I’m really worried for you honestly. But I hope you have fun with friends and stuff. School is ending, i’m glad for you. Keep a hot compress on your chest, drink warm fluids, stay hydrated, don’t stop your cough, and… I hope you’re treated well, and you get rest, and feel better.

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    1. Poor you!
      My maths teacher literally said I sounded like a demon was coming out of me 😂
      The worse thing is when people are staring and my muscles hurt so much after long coughing fits (free abs workout?😂).
      Thankfully I’m nearly better but the dr gave me an inhaler today just to deal with the symptoms 😄

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      1. Yikes, I really hate that, and I feel your pain. I’m glad you’re nearly better, now you can take rest, and i’m glad they gave you an inhaler. Feel better soon ^^

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