A strange panicky thing…

Hiya to whoever is reading this,

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You know when it all gets a bit much?

There doesn’t seem to be a solution and you’re stuck in a seemingly endless limbo of confusion, panic and embarrassment? Sometimes when i feel like that, I start getting a strange panicky thing.

All the colours around me seem to burst and be painfully bright. I feel awkwardness seep through my veins and my cheeks flush a rosy shade of pink. Voices are too loud and echo around my head, vibrating everything. My heart rate feels crazy and like my heart is trying to escape out of my chest. It’s like a fight or flight situation and usually when I get embarrassed. I feel shaky and panicky, with a strange pricking in my nose, the kind i get when i cry. Tears blossom in the corner of eyes, only held there by me biting into the inside of my lip like there’s no tomorrow.

But recently I’ve got better with dealing with it. I try breathing slowly to whatever rhythm is stuck in my head (i’ve usually got music stuck in my head) and fiddle with my necklace or ring. I think of all the places I feel safe, try to close my eyes and enclose myself in the memory.

Do any of you guys ever feel like this? How do you deal with it?Β 

If you do, please comment below so I know I’m not alone and if you have any way of dealing with it…?

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20 thoughts on “A strange panicky thing…

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  1. Hey, this sounds a bit like anxiety to me. I get this all the time, not that I told anyone or have been diagnosed with it, I’m just guessing. But I always feel panicky, tight chested and things start to pop around my face. I feel trapped and enclosed in. I always try to breathe normally, or find calming GIFS on Twitter which always help me! Especially ones to help with your breathing patterns

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      1. Yeah, I don’t get it all too often either but breathing is key I’ve found! It’s horrible when I get it at night and it stops me from sleeping. It gets better though because it’s easy to control sometimes πŸ™‚

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  2. Hey πŸ™‚ It sounds a lot like a panic attack. I was diagnosed with social anxiety a while ago and I get them quite often. I get what you mean when you say everything gets too much. Try to focus on your breathing and take big, slow breaths, although I know it’s hard when you’re in that moment. I have meditation apps on my phone just in case I have one and I have my phone with me and it really helps to focus on a pretty picture or on calming rain. It sucks but you’re not alone and I hope they get better! A lot of people get these too πŸ™‚ Anna xx

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  3. When I read your post, I felt so happy because it made me realise I actually wasn’t alone! Yes, I get this all the time and I’ve never had A name for it. I also like to breathe when I feel panicked, or think about something else that will distract me. Or I try πŸ™‚ thank you so much for this

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  4. Hey. I have read through the comments and i agree, you may have anxiety. But anxiety is a medically diagnosed mental health problem, and the only reason i know this is because i was diagnosed with it a couple months ago (but that sounds like anxiety). It hurts, and no one understands unless they have anxiety. When you ask them to walk around in an anxiety sufferers shoes for 78 miles, they shrug. Especially when a friend says to your face that people with anxiety panic over nothing and are attention seeking, but, hey, feeling like i am unable to breathe and the world as i know it is caving in is not a way i want to attract attention to myself.

    Sorry, i just had to vent :3

    And, i know what you are going through. It isn’t easy, especially when people don’t understand. Even the people who want to help don’t understand. But, people with anxiety are the most kindest and strongest people in the world. No matter what the odds against us are, we pull ourselves together and put a smile on our faces as we don’t want to drag people down the same road with our suffering because we know what it is like.

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    1. Hi,
      Thank you so much for your comment!
      I’m so glad you felt that you could vent and it comforted me to see that I’m not alone. I definitely don’t have bad anxiety at all but it is so inspiring that you have found a way to cope and I hope to be able to do the same. Thank you so much


  5. This is way to familiar…. This sounds like anxiety, although some people can get very rare panic attacks and yet not have anxiety. Also, anxiety is a medically diagnosed mental health problem. I know that only because i was diagnosed with it a few months back, due to my trypanophobia and vaccinophobia, which are both real. But, anxiety is seen as a disability by many people, but anxiety happens to be an advantage. It makes us mentally strong, as we push the tears back and laugh at the times when we are down. We understand what it is like, so we don’t drag people down the same path and care more for others. So, in other words, people with anxiety are superhumans.

    That is how i think of anxiety.

    K x

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