Hiya to whoever is reading this,

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How much can be summed up in one word and yet how different all of its meanings are.

There’s loud happy. The concerts, the festivals. The HELLO game, leaning out of car windows and bringing some light into someone else’s life. The vibrant burst that is carnival, the days and nights with your best friends that seem to last forever. Trapped in the moment and loving every minute.

But then there’s also the quiet happy. The silent moments when you’re not doing anything and yet you don’t feel bored. Filling my memory jar with things I want to hold forever. Head leaned against the soft vibrations of the coach window, imagining endless adventures that could take place in the woods that you’re driving past. The moments of relaxing serendipity that take your breath away. They won’t necessarily be remembered, but the feeling in that moment of absolute understanding and feeling at peace with the normal hustle of everyday life.

And all of this is one word. One “Happy”.


To me, happy is all of the things above and more. It’s the crazy fantasies I day-dream up, pictured exactly in my head down to the last frame. It’s going to the summer panto with the friends that I only see once a year and laughing so hard my sides hurt. It’s pushing myself through the pain of rowing and really seeing my progress, and it’s the feeling of security I feel when I hug my parents and family.

Please comment below what makes you happy! What does happy mean to you?

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37 thoughts on “Happy?…Happy

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  1. Ahh that was beautiful and put a smile on my face.
    The wind in the trees makes me happy. The soft feel of a breeze, the quiet days when nothing’s expected – sitting with a brilliant book and letting. your heart fill with the story. Blogging, reading people’s comments, being productive – all of those things and more.

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  2. Wow, your writing has matured a lot since I left. I love it! Great post. To me, happy is so much, but today, I’m thinking of a rainy day hanging out with a friend, half just quiet relaxing with a little bit of stupid jokes and laughter and some random spontaneous activity. That is the life. I love the jar idea!

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  3. After being all weird and unhappy for so long i’d say happy is just being comfy lol. I don’t know mah interests. I don’t have friends I don’t chat I don’t do fun stuff and crap. I’m not sure what happiness is anymore, but all I know is that school is over, and i’m sitting at home, i’d say i’m happy ^^

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      1. Yeah i’m fine now, i’d rather not talk about the past year after complaining a whole lot XD I’ve let it go, but it changed me šŸ˜› Thankyou so much ^^ Same goes to you šŸ™‚ Summer vacation is here for me, and school is done. Except the county made summer vacation shorter for some reason -0-

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      2. >0< haha my school year was long enough for me. Plus they made this year longer then usual, and the summer vacation short šŸ˜›


    1. They are such nice things to make you happy šŸ˜„
      Reducing your carbon footprint is so important and it is really inspiring that you take that into consideration and by reducing it, it makes you happy.
      Thanks šŸ˜„šŸ˜„


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