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Some things in life you assume you’ll never need, like waterproof socks or a lifetime supply of extra spicy tobacco sauce. Well something like that happened to me today and from now on, life for me will be visibly different (damn, get that pun!).

I’ve never had problems with my eyes and even though my mum has relied on glasses from the age of 6 and my dad has to wear glasses for reading, I’ve always kind of accepted that my eyes will stay permanently perfect for most of my life.

Ok, you’ve probably guessed it now…

glasses gif blog.gif

I’m getting glasses

Obviously this is not a big thing, i mean it’s not like a zombie apocalypse or a quadruple lesson of maths. But to me, it feels kinda strange thinking that soon, I’m gonna have yet ANOTHER thing i have to make sure I don’t lose!

Anyway, I should probably explain how i ended up in the opticians this afternoon, with a really nice receptionist spelling my name wrong (how can you spell GEORGIE wrong?) and an optician shining a flipping laser beam into my eyeball (ok, over exaggeration but damn, that light was seriously bright!)

I’ve been getting headaches quite frequently for the past few months. Usually every few days and at the time, i never really took any notice, I just blamed it on anything and got on with life. And it wasn’t until a few days ago when my teacher came up to me and said she thought I’d been squinting at the board in class. Now, I have no recollection of finding the board difficult to read or telling my teacher about the headaches, but seeing as she suggested getting my eyes tested i thought i might as well seeing as my last optician appointment was 5 years previously (oops!)

The optician did all the usual checks (the blinding light, etc.), she was really kind and actually explained all the weird medical terms to me which made me feel a little less idiotic, but one thing that I found weird, was the reading the letters.Β As i squinted determinedly at the small pinpricks of the letters, I realised just how hard it was for me to read at such a distance. It felt like a total loss of control and in a weird sort of way i felt panicky and wounded.

As it turns out, my right eye is completely fine, but my left eye is kinda procrastinating on life and needs a bit of help. Luckily, i don’t have to wear the glasses all of the time, but i will have to wear them whenever I’m in class, doing homework, watching TV or being weird on the computer.

I managed to choose a pretty decent pair but as i obviously have to have them made to the right prescription, etc. it will take about a week for them to arrive. I’ll definitely post a few pictures of them once they come and show you guys them! I feel really guilty though about the cost. Money can be a bit of a struggle in my house as pretty much all of it goes towards my education, lessons, oversea school trips and gear for my sports and with this unexpected cost of my glasses, I felt like a horrible person asking for such an amount from my parents.

Hopefully no-one will make fun of me and please comment below if you wear glasses and how you find them as it would be really helpful for me! The posts i asked you guys about, will be up soon, but seeing as this happened today, I thought I’d get it up whilst it was still in my mind.

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  1. Not a horrible person Georgie a lovely person you are. You are super cool with or without glasses and I bet nobody will make fun of you if they did it would be because they are jealous of your awesomeness!

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      1. Your welcome yea people can be just ignore them they are sad jealous insecure people. Georgie rules! I bet you will look awesomer with your glasses on. And great as always without them.

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  2. Hi, no one should make fun of you for wearing glasses, I only have a fee years before my eyes expire and I’ll almost certainly need glasses. Its something many of us face sooner or later.
    Hope you’ve been well 😚


  3. Glasses can be a pain sometimes, but at least they help us! I’m sure you’ll get used to them pretty quickly and after a while you can get contacts too (it takes some time to learn to get them in your eyes, but it’s worth it)!

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  4. i wear glasses and constantly leave them lying around and forget them- for the first couple days/week you might find they give you headaches and make you feel tired but you gotta fight hunny! have fun cant wait to see the pictures

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  5. Hey georgie girl, just to say i have nominated you to do the liebster award tag, to find out more on how to do it, please visit my blog, thanks.

    I have glasses too! Don’t worry, you will get used to them and there perfectly fine xx

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