Birthday Week – Birthday Party Theme Ideas =)

Hiya to whoever is reading this,

As you might know, my birthday is on Friday and to celebrate I thought i’d do a special week of birthday themed blog posts. I hope you guys enjoy this and keep your eyes peeled for the rest of the week’s posts.

Today, I’m doing birthday party theme ideas. These are mostly ones that are popular around my age group (teenagers) and I hope these inspire you guys! =)

1) Technology/Video Games

yoshi blog

If you are an avid computer games fan, then this is probably the theme for you! You could get your guests to come as their favorite video game character (Mario, Luigi or Bouncer anyone?) and fill the party bags with themed stationary, etc. Paper plates, cups or napkins for this theme are really easy to find either on amazon or in your local party/costume store. Games could include; a themed quiz, themed beetle drive, act it out, dares, etc.

2) Spa Day

cc lush mask pic 3

A spa themed party is always a hit with stressed friends and will leave you feeling zen AF (but hopefully without too much cleaning up!). You could paint your nails, use face-masks + pore strips, have a pedicure or manicure and design/make your own cushions, slippers or bathrobe ( fabric markers and amazon are good for getting utensils cheaply). Party bags could be filled with nail varnish, nail files, superdrug face-mask, etc.

3) Lights, camera, action!

filming blog.jpg

If you love making films or have a passion for acting, then a film party might be right for you. Split your guests into small groups, lend them a camera and let them shoot their own short film, this could end in a competition or something along the lines of that. Editing all of the short films together onto a DVD/Video file would make a really cute party bag filler and give you something to laugh at with your friends in a few years time. As another activity, roll out and cut clay into circles. Give each guest a circle and let them press their hands into the clay like the actor hand-print displays , leftover clay can be used to make into other shapes and decorate. These are really nice things to have and dry fairly quickly so could be used as party bags.

4) Can’t Cook Won’t Cook

cake blog

If you like cooking or baking then why not get your friends together for a party of that theme? Decorating cupcakes, cookies etc. is always a hit with hungry friends and homemade pizza for dinner is awesome! The decorated cupcakes can also double as party bags if you put them in little carry boxes and let your guests decorate them. Or you could try out a new recipe with your friends. Make sure you have a camera on hand, the results could be hilarious!

Hope you guys like these ideas and if you try any of them, please comment below!

Please also comment any questions you want me to answer in my birthday Q&A which is coming soon =)

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24 thoughts on “Birthday Week – Birthday Party Theme Ideas =)

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  1. Happy Birthday Georgie! I am going with the movie themed one for me on Saturday all day horrors. I already got the greatest birthday gift with getting to go see The Celtics vs Hawks in Game 4 tie the series in one of the greatest Celtics games ever played. It was awesome I lost my voice was screaming to cheer on The Celtics.

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  2. Hey GeorgieGrl,
    Happy Birthday to you. I want to say happy birthday personally. I wish you a wonderful day with all the people that love you around you. You deserve it. How old are you now? That’s my shy question. It doesn’t matter. Happy Birthday anyways. I hope you have the best day that you’ve ever had. Happy Birthday. Life’s beautiful. Live every second of it as if it were your last. I don’t want to scare you with that. I just want to say enjoy your life and live in the now. Again Happy Birthday. Just wanted to make sure you got the message. Bye and have a wonderful day.


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