How (not) to survive the first day of term =)

Hiya to whoever is reading this,

back to school crying llama blog

Most people had to back to school/college/uni etc. this week =( and seeing as going back to school after the holidays sucks sooooooooo much, I thought I’d write a (sarcastic) post on how to survive the first day of school.

Hope you guys like this post and feel free to comment below how your first day of school went (I fell asleep in class, whoops)

(None of these pictures/gifs are mine, thanks google!)

1) Wake up nice and early so you have loads of time…

tom and jerry stay awake blogim late alice blog.gif

Yeah, like that was going to happen! Don’t sweat it, everyone wakes up half-an-hour after they were supposed to, had to shower like a teleporter, tie their hair in any way it would stay put with minimal effort and grab whatever clothes are on the top of your draw (even if they don’t fit).

2) Leave time for a special day-boosting breakfast…

waffles for breakfast blog

Seeing as you’re already so pushed for time that you don’t even have time to blink, breakfast is gonna have to be something fast! No time for any of that fancy-schmancy tumblr/Pinterest stuff, so yogurt from the tub with an apple whilst you’re walking (running) to class will have to do!

3) Plan your outfit the night before…

summer outfit tumblr blog

…Then scrap whatever that rubbish was, panic and grab your favourite sweats 2 mins before you walk out of the door. But seriously, when do people ever stick with the outfit they planned the night before?!

4) Get a good night’s sleep…

Haha, that’s gonna be so likely to happen, especially with Youtube, WordPress, Instagram, Twitter, etc. One buzz, and you’re guaranteed to be spending the rest of your night binge watching whatever is pinging round social media!

Hope you guys enjoyed this post, sorry for being offline all week, I’ve been so busy with schoolwork etc. and I’ve really missed you guys!

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21 thoughts on “How (not) to survive the first day of term =)

Add yours

      1. I am following your health advice Georgie. I decided not to get the coolata which is like a milkshake and got hot coffee. It’s hard I love but that coolata is loaded with sugar. Goes to your head sugar highs.

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  1. I always do this dumb thing where I stay up really late until like 4 am ( 2 hours before I’m suppose to go to school) watching stupid videos on youtube whenever I have a very important test. I really hope I actually prepare well for an ACT i’m taking on tuesday but it’s probably not going to happen.
    I really like the humor behind this. Total pro you are lol πŸ˜€
    great post ! very entertaining πŸ™‚

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  2. I want to to thank you for this wonderful read!! I absolutely loved every bit of it.
    I’ve got you bookmarked to check out new things you


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