Brighton + Rainy Day Shenanigans =)

Hiya to whoever is reading this,

brighton beach final edit.jpgcake pops 1.jpg

I have had an awesome few days and it’s all down to my friends who have made me laugh so hard and remind me how lucky i am to have them.

So, “Hi” Miels and Issy if you’re reading this, THANK YOU SO MUCH!! =)

Anyway, these pictures were all either taken by me, or taken by my friends and edited by me, unless I’ve written a specific note by it. Hope you guys like this post and comment the best thing you’ve done this week =)


Today wasn’t too bad, except for one thing that happened on the way home… I started panicking for now apparent reason on the train. It was rush hour, if you’ve never been in rush hour before, you are basically stuck in a moving tin can with people who have no perception of personal space rules… it sucks… so bad

Anyway, I didn’t make any noise but suddenly in my head everything seemed so loud, i was really dizzy and felt so shaky. My breathing was really fast and my heartbeat was pulsing like crazy. I could feel my pulse in my ears, my eyes… even my fingertips.

You can imagine how unpleasant it was feeling like that during rush hour… not fun.

Instead of facing the traumas of the bus, we walked uphill for half and hour, which cleared my head a bit and for some weird reason i found myself doing a hardcore cardio and ab workout at 10:10 PM…idk =)


brighton beach final editbrighton pier sign.jpgcc lush mask pic 3.jpg

Probably one of the best days I’ve had in a while!

One of my friends (hi Miels) called at my house bright (nooooo…) and early (nooooooooooooo…) and along with my Dad carrying the lunch + money, we set off on a train to the awesome town of Brighton! After wandering along the beach and the pier for a bit, (and taking some pictures for this blog!) we hit the shops (not literally).

First stop was LUSH, Miels bought a couple of bath bombs (the experimenter and what came first, it think) she also bought a lip scrub, but i’m not entirely sure what flavour… actually now thinking about it…. it might’ve been bubblegum (the pink one for all of you normal people who don’t fantasise about unlimited LUSH vouchers!) I bought the Catastrophe Cosmetic face mask and it smells awesomesauce! I’ve not tried it yet, but I’ll hopefully do a post on it when i do. =)

walking down to brighton beach.jpgbrighton view from the pier.jpgme, miels, dad shoes pier edit.jpg

I let the whole healthy eating thing slide for a day (or 2) and we got a really nice ice-cream from one of the seafront ice-cream parlours. Mine was mint-choc chip and Miels got blood orange sorbet. Given that i couldn’t see what the picture would look like before i took it, it doesn’t look too bad! =)


cake pops 1pottery cafe heart pic 3.jpgissy + me tinc rubbers 2

Another top notch day! I spent the day at my best friend’s house and we had a sleepover at my house. We laughed so hard and it is definitely one of my favourite days of the year so far =)

After being weirded out by some of the stranger parts of the internet… we headed to an arts cafe where you can paint pottery and make a huge mess of anything you spill paint on XD  Luckily my clumsiness held off and I left without too much paint stuck in my fingernails!

I’ve included some of the pictures of my tiny mug that I painted, but I’m getting it back on Tuesday when it’s been finished in the Kiln, so I’ll post more pics then. When we left the shop we spotted a Tinc shop. Our old school class were obsessed by that shop for months (don’t worry, we’ve escaped) and we bought 2 random rubbers; Issy’s is a teddy in a pink hoodie, mine with a blue hoodie.

As if by magic… as soon as we were about to leave the shop for the bus stop… the monsoon (jk) started and we ran into a charity shop for cover. I left my umbrella by the door next to another umbrella which was IDENTICAL to mine…. you can see where this is going….

We went to retrieve my umbrella after literally 30 seconds, but a blonde woman (owner of the identical umbrella) had accidentally taken mine instead of hers XD Long story short, we took her umbrella (which was a waaaay better make than mine) and hopped on the bus home.

When we got back to my best friend’s house, we made cake pops. They didn’t turn out too badly and tasted awesome!

Thanks so much to my friends for making this week so awesomely amazing and hope you guys like the pictures!

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