Little Update numero uno =)

Hiya to whoever is reading this,

I only realised last night (well, actually at 2:30am this morning, but no-one needs to know about that…) how little I actually talk about different things that happen in my life, on this blog. Now, obviously I can’t specify things too much (literally nothing is private on the internet, once it’s out there, it’s there forever) but I thought I’d give you guys a little insight to my life. =)

My life is usually nowhere near as interesting as this, but this past weekend was waaaaay more social than i thought it would be. The rest of this week has literally just been me working on a flipping massive english project (sucks to be me right now) so if this post is only about stuff before monday, sorry in advance …

Hope you guys enjoy this post and if you want me to write more like it, then please comment below!

Thursday 24/3/2016 =

I went on a quick day trip to Cardiff today, I was only going to help my mum with the work she was doing there, but we ended up having a pretty nice day in one of the city’s shopping malls. We also watched a show which was ok, the actual script wasn’t amazing but the standard was pretty high. My mum fell asleep on the train on both journeys and a woman nearly missed her stop as my snoozing mum was (unintentionally) blocking the way.


Friday 25/3/2016 = 

allegiant blogthe martian blog.jpg

One busy day onto the next, my auntie took me to a cinema inside a mall to see Allegiant today, and I actually bought a really cute tube skirt from New Look (hopefully I’ll be able to find a picture!)  Personally I think the screenplay and some of the camera shots could’ve been better but otherwise is was OK.

I then watched The Martian at my auntie’s house (i prefer the book) and nearly sneezed my lungs out over the  cat (I hate being allergic to cats so much).

Saturday + Sunday =

patience blog

On Saturday I went for lunch at one of my parent’s friend’s house, and my previously nicely curled hair got soaked =(

On Sunday I went to a restaurant with my family who came down from Manchester. You don’t realise how much patience is needed to entertain little kids, until you have to ENTERTAIN 2!!!! I was literally daydreaming about sitting in a dark room on my own by the time my younger cousins left! XD

Monday 28/3/2016 = 

IMG_2752.jpg(finally I take a picture of something for my blog!)

Today made me realise how much I miss some of my friends during the holidays! One of my closest friends, Jess (HI JESS) took me out to the cinema again and I had my first bubble tea! I got the healthy banana milky potion with strawberry bubbles, and it tasted so good!!!!!!! The picture is above and i promise it tastes better than it looks. I gave me such a shock when the first bubble exploded in my mouth! =)

Thanks so much Jess, I had an awesome day! =)


From Monday to Thursday I literally didn’t leave the house at all and had to stay inside and work on my project =(

Hope you guys like this post and If you want me to write more like this then please comment below!

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P.s. Sienna, if you’re reading this, hope you get well soon! =)



13 thoughts on “Little Update numero uno =)

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  1. Loved the post! Write more! I love going to the movies. Believe me I know about stuck busy with schoolwork. I took an English class that gave me no free time for three months. I tried going to the movies many times but I missed the movies because I fell asleep through all the movies due to being tired of all the homework and reading I had to do. Ironically I loved that class and it had my favorite teacher of all time Eve. She gave me a lot of extra help and cut me a lot of breaks. We were great friends.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ooooh. Love this post. Make it a series, please? Hahaha, did you like the Allegiant? I ddin’t actually watch it yet because I read the book and I’m sure they changed a lot of the scenes. I don’t want to shout in the cinema or in my house

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks! Yeah, I’m doing something very exciting today, more on that in an upcoming post! Allegiant was ok, I would have changed a few things but I totally agree about the shouting at the screen! 😂😄

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Really liked this, hoping for another one. And looking after small children dont remind me, my two cousins are coming over on Wednesday and my mums friend is bring her two children, 4 kids all under 7 on my own. Really looking forward to that. I’m on a haver so I’m gunna shut up but I liked your post anyways

    Liked by 1 person

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