Hopes for the Spring =)

Hiya to whoever is reading this,

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As it is nearly Spring (well technically it already is, but my hair got soaked so many times in the past few days that I’m not entirely sure…) I thought i’d share with you guys some of my hopes for spring as well as some of the things I really wanna achieve.

(sorry i didn’t have time to take my own photos, but I am trying to take more so keep your eyes peeled for my future posts)

Hope you guys enjoy this post and comment below what your ambitions are for this spring! =)

1) Remember to clean my room…

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This has been on my to-do list for weeks, so I really want to make it a regular part of my routine (and also so i stop looking like a confuzzleded rabbit every-time my friends come round and i have a sneeze attack from the dust)

2) Get outside more

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Unless someone really kicks my lazy butt out of the door, I tend to go into hibernation mode when I (incredibly rarely) have a free weekend…. yeah…I’m very guilty of that one! With the prospect of the sun finally shining on the currently grey and raining UK, the sunglasses will be coming out and I’ll be hitting the garden deck-chairs to soak up as much vitamin D as I can possibly manage =)

3) Make more salad!!!

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This might sound really weird, but i really love salad… yep ok…everyone now thinks i’m a weirdo…. great job Georgie…

Salad is one of the reasons I look forward to spring, as salad in the winter just isn’t filling enough =)

4) Put together an outfit + hairstyle scrapbook

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This one might sound a bit weird, (yeah I have a lot of weird things on this list) but I really want to make a proper planned outfit/hairstyle scrapbook so I don’t have to spend time physically putting together an outfit in the morning. Also it will mean I don’t forget about any of my summer clothes that I’ve been waiting all winter to wear!

5) Push myself further

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I really want to up my health and fitness levels this spring and by testing my endurance, I’ll be able to see how far I’ve come and how much I’ve achieved since I started this whole being healthy thing.

I want to push myself to workout every day (or as much as I can) and find the confidence that I’ve been looking for, for so long.

6)ย Catch some Zzzzzz…

sleep more blog

I always mess up my sleep schedule during the holidays and I suffer for it when term starts again, so I really want to sort myself out and get my act together so i get enough sleep

and don’t fall asleep in geography or chemistry again, long story…

7) Have a re-shuffle…

organise tumblr.jpg

Nothing’s better (well, some things are, but anyway, let’s just go with it…) than a good spring re-shuffle. I want to get my organisation hat on (well, i might need to find it first) and sort my storage out in my room, so i don’t have to play lucky dip every time i want to find a t-shirt XD

Hope you guys are looking forward to spring and comment below any spring posts you want me to do…

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