The Honest Truth…

Hiya to whoever is reading this,

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I guess that’s the problem with Tumblr, Instagram and other social media sites; we are constantly being shown the “perfect lifestyle” or “life goals” and I don’t know about you guys, but that can be really destructive to your self-esteem.

Let me give you an example;

perfect tumblr blog

Just admit it, we’ve all watched a beauty vlogger’s videos before and thought “i really want to look really fit and be like them” or even worse “arrrgrhgrhgrhghrgrhgrhgrhgrhgrhr how come they look so effortlessly pretty all the time, whywhwywyhwyhwhwyhywhy” (cue ice-cream)

sad ice cream gif blog.gif

But the truth is, their normal life really isn’t that. Yeah sure, they always seem to post really artsy insta photos of their abnormally awesome lifestyle and “fitness progress” etc. the truth is though, they’re only showing you that “perfect” part of their life. The really edited bit that makes them seem to be better than people like me who wake up with a behead worse than a poodle in a washing machine (it’s a classy look).

messy poodle hair blog

And even though they seem to be on a rollercoaster that only goes up, the parts of their life that they don’t put on camera may be in pieces all around them.


It’s human nature to want to seem better than other people, stand out and impress, but sometimes, we judge ourselves too much and feel even worse as a result. I always pick on myself if I haven’t worked-out or I eat some junk-food, but lets face it, even Beyonce must fail at constantly eating healthily sometimes and SHE’S FLIPPING BEYONCE!

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Anyway, everyone is their most beautiful when they’ve found a way to love themselves for what they are. Even if you do 100 squats everyday and gym-rat it up to the max, if you don’t love yourself (your personality and the basic things that make up “you”) before you start, then no matter if you lose weight or tone up, it’s not gonna make you instantly happy or feel any more confident.

what's wrong with being you blog

If we all stopped buying into the whole thing of “perfection”, then i honestly think everyone would be much happier, as we’d learn to love ourselves for who we are, and not feel pressurised by other people to look a particular way.

If you guys have anything you want to add to this then comment below and I’m all for making more posts like this in the future, if you guys like this sort of thing. =)

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  1. OMG this is all soo true. We are all just chasing after the perfect lifestyle when really, a perfect lifestyle doesn’t exist. I’m trying to be all like perfect nail polish on my nails when really, we ALL know I’mm gonna chip it, it’s gonna get all over the place and become a HUGE mess. And no one EVER, I’m sure has EVER achieved perfectly done nails. Ain’t nobody got time for that πŸ˜›

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  2. I totally agree, made a post just like this but u expressed it way better XD More inspirationally!!! And instead of being jealous, we should get motivated. I mean seriously I watched a few vlogs and the person just took the most PERFECT PICTURES and put on makeup and goes to the mall target and starbucks every single day, they have a dog, perfect apartment, etc. I mean like wth πŸ˜›

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      1. NONONONON!!! I never meant to say that u copied XD I just mean that I TOTALLY agree but u wrote it sooo well! we share the same opinion πŸ™‚ No such thing as copying XD Sorry for wording it terribly ❀ sORRY georgie!

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      2. of course not ❀ I love u and ur blog so much πŸ˜€ Ur so sweet πŸ˜€ I put ur link in the social media tag for every thing but I realized might be breaking the rules so I had to delete a few to make it fair XD (In the tag, u compliment bloggers- like instagram is a blog with a design u love or something :D)

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  3. It’s so true though! We are constantly exposed to images of “perfection” and aspire to be like that. But the truth is we should be more focused on just loving who we are. Great post!

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  4. This is so TRUE! ALL CAPS ALL CAPS ALL CAPS! ok… breathe.
    Basically, it probably helps people to post their highlights. We all have things we can and can’t do. I agree with everything you say. Even BeyoncΓ© has her days when she isn’t perfectly “Flawless” – you nailed it. Nobody is perfect! But what makes things perfect is what makes people coming back. They are searching for something beautiful to look at and it is right there. I agree with everything. I was actually thinking of writing a post about this. I’m glad I’m not the only one! I think a lot of this is all natural. It’s sad, but in my perspective natural. AGAIN: I agree with you 200%. Nobody has the perfect life, and what you also said was that people have to love themselves for what they are. It is true! It is true! true! true!!!!. That is what drives us closer to perfection. THANK YOU FOR WRITING THIS!

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  5. Nice! Great post! πŸ˜€ I believe that people today chase Other people’s Perfections, do you know what I mean? Like, I was just talking about this to a friend of mine couple of days ago… OK, you want to be perfect-what is Perfect to you? And it’s interesting that most of the stuff she listed weren’t even her Ideas of Perfection- but from all those magazines and advertisements. Everybody forgot how to be, and accept, themselves… We have put other people’s opinions above ours… 😦

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