Flattening Mountains =)

Hiya to whoever is reading this,

It’s the common teenage problem. It’s annoying. It sucks on so many levels. And they conveniently pop up on the day of prom or a special occasion.

You’ve probably guessed what this posts about; how to get rid of (most) spots!

My skin is mostly clear and spot free, but on the odd day i’m actually gonna leave my house for something other than school (cue spot) this is what i do.

I’m not a dermatologist so obviously use you’re common sense when trying this. If you have any unusual reaction to any of the products mentioned, boost the common sense button and read the packaging =)

Oh, and also, this isn’t sponsored =)



can't touch this blog

I know the temptation, once you’ve got a spot, you think the only way round it is to pop it. BUT DON’T! It really just makes matters even worse as the bacteria on your hands and the popped spot will spread to other areas of your face and expand the mountain range. It also helps if you don’t touch your face that much anyway, whether you have a spot or not =)

2) Products i recommend =)

savlon blog

If i need to leave the house really quickly and i don’t have time to do much, i’ll usually just rub some savlon on the spot and the affected areas. I know it’s an antiseptic cream, but i tried it once on the off chance and it worked amazingly. It calms down the redness and absorbs into my skin really fast (double thumbs up! =)

You can buy it in most drugstores (e.g. boots, super drug) and supermarkets for a really cheap price =)

(I’m gonna be uploading a skin-care routine sort of thing soon so stay posted for that)

3) That Kinda Vital Liquid That You Really Need But Probably Don’t Drink Enough Of

water 232323 blog

(phew that took ages to type XD   )

If you’re trying to get rid of a spot, then drinking plenty of water is an awesome idea. Not only will it help prevent other spots, you’ll also finds it helps you to concentrate better and just generally feel healthier. You sometimes get spots because you’re not drinking enough water so if you keep getting lots of spots, try drinking more H2O!

4) Sugar! (not by Maroon 5)

sugar blog

If you eat/drink lots of sugar, it can also give you more spots =( so if your trying to shift a spot, then cutting down the sugar might also help, not matter how painstaking it is XD

5) The only time art class has ever helped me outside of art class =)

colour wheel blog

The only time i ever really wear make-up is concealer, but there is a trick to get rid of the redness especially if it’s staring through the foundation, and primer, and god knows what else (tinted toothpaste maybe?)

Get a pale green tinted concealer/eyeshadow. Yep, you definitely read that right. Because red and green are opposite on the colour wheel, both colours cancel each other out. So no redness, or green-ness. Then just apply a layer of concealer and continue with whatever make-up you usually wear =)

Hope you guys liked this post, and if you want me to make this a series, then comment below. If you guys have any other tips, it would be amazing if you could share them in the comments for other people suffering =)

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P.s. these tips all work for guys so, go ahead and try these out fellas! (my dad even uses these =)


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  1. Drinking water is probably the best method to get rid of spots naturally, but any Benzoyl Peroxide cream works really well and you can get rid of them in ubually around 3 days or less 🙂

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