The Truth About Being a Musician =)

Hiya to whoever is reading this,

I’ve been doing music since I was really little and I’m now grade 6 in piano and singing (I’ve also done my grade 5 theory but it sucks so much!). So many people say to me “you can just do it and it must be so easy for you” but to be completely honest that is not the case! Hope you enjoy this post and if you play an instrument, please comment below! =)

1) The Battle of the Photocopier

I’m not sure whether this is just me, but I seem to spend so much time of my practise photocopying music scores! Fun fact, but I totally fail at it so much too, and all my scores end up with random ink leaks on them, or a couple of bars missing! Even worse when you’re trying to photocopy a vocal score and you miss a note and you have to randomly guess the note =(

2) Sight Reading

It is really nice to be able to play pretty much anything once you can sight read but before you get the hang of it, it is literally hell as most exams have a sight reading part. Singing sight reading is probably one of the worst as if you get one note wrong, you’re screwed which is a very quick way to describe my singing practises leading up to my exam XD

3) The person-who-thinks-they-are-the-boss-but-really-aren’t!

There’s always that family member who forces you to randomly play at whatever time suits them. They also just randomly suggest you play to an entire room of people when you have no music and you’re just expected to play whatever they  put in front of you! THEY’RE SO ANNOYING!

Anyway, hope you like this post, it’s something a bit different but I wanted to write and couldn’t think of anything else! =)

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22 thoughts on “The Truth About Being a Musician =)

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  1. oh, yeah, sight reading is sooo hard!!thats what made me fail my music test.atleast it was only in music, and not extra-curricular, and it was a trumpet!!they are so hard to play!!

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  2. YUSSSS!!!! I have been singing for years now… That missing note you have no clue about is the worst!!!!! Hahaha I always go dear in the headlights when someone asks me to just play/sing for them… I’m like what… Wait I sing/play? Hahaha my brain just fails to compute.

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  3. Yes!!! I’ve been playing the violin for 8 years now and I’m practising my Grade 4 and I swear photocopying will be the death of me! I love being able to sight read but it was VERY hard to get the hang of! 🙂

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