Channelling the Happy!

Hiya to whoever is reading this,

I’ve been feeling a bit down recently and as I’m trying to have a more positive outlook on the world, I thought I’d share some of the things I think of or do to make me feel a bit happier =)

1) Think of one of the times you laughed so hard, it hurt

laughing seal blog

2) The awesome feeling when you read your first positive comment on your blog!

3) Putting your pj’s on after a hard day at school/work

lemur onesie

4) Lazy days where you can hibernate inside, in your pj’s, with your laptop all day

lazy day blog

5) when you finally have a good hair day! YAYAYAYAYAYAY!

cat bad hair day blogΒ v.s.Β  good hair day blog

6) When someone agrees with your choice of takeaway without you having to persuade them

7) having that friend that you can just talk to for hours and you don’t get bored =)

best friends blog

8) when your persistence finally pays off

9) Jamming out to the radio with your friends

blog singing kid

10) no matter how alone you feel, someone will always love you.

love heart 232 blog

Hope you guys liked my list, I don’t feel very well so it might not be my best, so sorry for that!

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27 thoughts on “Channelling the Happy!

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  1. Great list GeorgieGrl! I kind of needed this pick me up as well; reading the list helped me remember everything positive in the world. I hope you begin to feel happier as the day goes on as well ❀ (btw love the one about jamming out to music with friends! That is one of my top favorites!)

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