Things to do when you’re ill!

Hiya to whoever is reading this,

ill teddy blog

A lot of people (me included) are not in school or work at the moment as they are ill. I had to leave school halfway through the day on Wednesday as i was ill and i made a few notes on ideas of things i could do whilst still being ill in Pj’s. If you are ill then obviously sleep is the best idea, but when you can’t sleep anymore, i hope these ideas help. Get well soon!

1) DVD/Netflix Marathon

netflix blogdvd pile blog

Watching back old films you used to love is always a good thing to do when you are ill as you can snuggle up in bed with a few snacks and rest up!

2) Text all your classmates/colleagues!

blog evil emoji

This is a slightly evil thing to do but if you need to prank someone back, it works well, especially if your school doesn’t let your phone ring during class. Text the person saying “is your phone off?!” and you are automatically allowed to pull the evil face!

3) Make yummy snacks!

coloured popcorn blogbanana cookies blogbrownies blog

Unusual flavoured popcorn, brownies, etc. are always fun things to make when you’re ill! Plus they taste awesome! I’m planning a post with some of these in so hang around for that! They also are amazing companions for a movie marathon!

4) Blog/Plan posts

planning blog

Whenever i have free time, i’m usually planning posts i could do, so if you have a big free day, sitting in bed with a notebook may be a good thing to do!

5) Cheesy Computer Games

sims 3 blogsims 4 blogminecraft blog

Playing your old fave computer games is always a fun thing to do on ill days. Mostly because it means you don’t have to move anywhere and it distracts you from feeling terrible! Sims 3 and 4 are always good to play, but Minecraft is also a good thing to do.

If you want more of these sorts of posts then comment below! PLEASE ENTER MY SHORT STORY COMPETITION AS THE DEADLINE IS VALENTINES DAY AT 12:00 PM!

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63 thoughts on “Things to do when you’re ill!

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    1. you basically just have to write a short story or a piece of writing that can be any length (even 4 paragraphs), put it in a post tag it to GeorgieGrlComp before midnight GMT on valentines day! Feel free to enter , it would be amazing to see what you could come up with =)

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  1. Now why couldnt you write this two weeks ago……just as I am not sick now….Just kidding! I was sick then but I’m all good now. I hope you feel better from the sickkness!

    I loved this blog it was perfectly writen with a lot of photos 😀

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    1. I’m so sorry! I’ve been planning it fir weeks as i was ill too (lol, small world) but i wanted it to be a reasonably decent quality so i thought i’d better wait =)
      Aww, thx! It took so long to put the pictures in as my wifi is only terrible when it coincides with me writing posts =)

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