My phone wallpaper =)

Hiya to whoever is reading this,

In my Lovely Bloggers award post, i mentioned the homescreen of my phone was of my and my best friend’s glitter tattoos from last summer, so as promised, here it is. I took it and edited it myself and i’m so proud of it. My wrist has the stars and hers is the butterflies. She is one of the people i trust the most in the world and even though she probably won’t read this, she is honestly like a sister to me and i am so grateful to have her as a friend! =)

A few years ago we gave each other random nicknames with a group of other girls, mine was DJ and hers was Coconut. So i guess this is thanks to you Coconut! =)

Version 2

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26 thoughts on “My phone wallpaper =)

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    1. Aww, thx! It’s literally the best bit of editing i’ve ever done by a long shot! I’m running a short story comp that closes at midnight GMT on valentines day.
      Please get involved if you can =)


      1. write whatever you want (it has to be appropriate) , put it in a post and tag it to GeorgieGrlComp
        The deadline is midnight GMT on valentines day (today) but plz feel free to enter, and you can even recycle something you’ve already written =)


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