Lovely Blogger Award!

Hiya to whoever is reading this,

lovely blog award blog

This is yet another award post (sorry i just had a lot i’d left until the last minute =D  )

Thanks to whoever nominated me, i’ve already forgotten but if it was you comment below so i can edit you in!


– Thank the person who nominated you (yeah………….. soz)

– include the rules

– add the award pic as an image =)

– add 7 facts about yourself

– Nominate like a crazy bunny in spring (if you haven’t done it already then i nominate you!)


1) I have never broken my arm, leg or foot. (my mum broke my skull for me but that’s another story) (it was an accident though!)

broken limb blog

2) My first phone was my dad’s old iPhone 4s

iphone 4 blog

3) My feet are tiny (i’m still UK size 4.5 – 5!)

4) My phone home screen is a picture i took and edited of me and my best friends glitter tattoos from last summer =D

(comment below if you wanna see that picture!)

5) I accidentally hit my dad in a very painfully place with my school bag yesterday morning as i left the house (sorry dad!)

ouch blog

6) When i’m bored and doing homework on the iMac, i have a mini photoshoot with the different filters in photo booth (don’t judge, it’s homework and i’m usually bored whilst doing it!)

7) I have no siblings =(

only chid blog(not me, lol)

But at least it means that no cringey pictures of me get put on social media!

Hope you guys liked this post and thanks again to whoever nominated me!

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