Miranda Sings Award!

Hiya to whoever is reading this,

miranda sings award blog

This award has been floating around WordPress for a while now and i totally forgot to do it when i was nominated ( thanks so much to whoever nominated me, i forgot to write it down but if it was you then comment below so i can edit you into the post!)


– Announce the win and link the blogger who nominated you (sorry)

– add the featured image

– List 7 things you love about yourself

– Don’t use negative connotation (e.g. smarter than average)


1) I’m a very determined person and will keep going with something even if it looks like i’m gonna fail. you could call it being a stubborn donkey but oh well =D

2) Over the past few weeks, i’ve really toned up and i’m so much stronger than i was before xmas. It’s made me so much happier as a person and i’m proud of myself for that!

3) I’ve got quite a good singing voice and i’m pretty good at music/writing music and it’s one of my biggest passions.

4) I’m really ambitious. I wanna make something of my life and leave the world in a  better state than when i was born.

5) I have my grandad’s eyes and even though they are brown, they have flecks of different colours in them and i sometimes feel that i”m like him in this way.

6) I’ve nearly cringed myself out of existence so many times, i’m happy to still be fully functional and have all my limbs intact! =D

7) The fact that i’ve managed to make people laugh and smile when they read my blog. Seeing your reactions to my posts honestly are one of the best things in my life. =)

I hope you guys like this and i’ve been scheduling some other award posts so that i don’t stress if i run out of time to post each day. I would nominate people but pretty much everyone has already done it, so I OFFICIALLY NOMINATE YOU IF YOU HAVENT DONE IT ALREADY =)

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