Q&A P1! (finally!)

Hiya to whoever is reading this,

A while ago i asked you guys for Q&A questions, and here is the promised post! Sorry its taken so long, it’s just that lots of other people then did Q&A’s and i didn’t want you guys to get bored, also when i’m doing Q&A’s, i like to have a bit of time to answer the best i can, i’m preparing the collab blog and have my phone with me so i can type on the iMac, and read questions.

Part 2 will be uploaded soon! =)

Also thanks so much for your questions, and i hope i do them justice! Anway, enough rambling from me and lets get on with the questions!


From Truuty

1) What’s your aim in life?

shoot for the stars blog

Wow, this got deep quickly! Umm, I’m not entirely sure, but i really want to achieve my maximum potential and leave my mark on the world!

2) What’s your favourite shop in town and why?

new look blog

My favourite clothes shop is New Look teens as their stuff fits me really well, and it isn’t too expensive either! But, i really like home decor shops and just any shop that has interesting displays and has frequent sales!

3) What country in the world would you like to visit the most and why?

usa blog

This is pretty cliche, but i’d really like to visit the USA and Canada as it’s kinda one of the centres of the industry i wanna go into and it seems like a pretty awesome place!

4) What would you like to be better at?

blog random 434

I’d really like to be better at songwriting and coming up with ideas for short films (i really wanna make a short film this year, i just need a story idea, comment one below if you have any ideas!). I’ve got a few songs that are part done but i need to finish the last few verses and not cringe about them.

5) What do you do to cheer yourself up?

When i feel low, i try to get myself back into a positive mindset by reminding myself that whatever is making me feel bad won’t last forever and that when i’m older and look back, it will be so insignificant that i won’t remember it. I also find that a hug from dad and mum helps! =)

6) What’s your fave season?

hot choc blogsummer blog 343

I can’t decide between winter and summer, winter because of xmas, snow, hot chocolate, etc, and summer because the flipping MASSIVE SUMMER HOLIDAY! and getting a tan! ON of the problems with summer is that sometimes it can get so hot you literally feel like you’re trapped in your own skin!

From ThoughtfulTash

1) What made you start blogging?

After my grandad died, i felt like a new chapter of my life had begun in a way, I cut my hair massively shorter and i wanted a way to express myself that let me be myself and put all the negative stuff into really pushing to make my blogs better and helping others/making them laugh (hopefully!)

2) Favourite + least favourite school subject?

I have a few favourites, which include english (mostly because of my awesome teacher!), DT (awesome teacher), music (helps me to write music) and drama! My least favourites include Latin/Classics, maths and RE.

3) Favourite things about yourself?

believe in yourself blog

Probably my determination (or you could call it stubbornness!), the fact that i’m not afraid to be myself and that my body can cope with the crazy amount of sport and exercise I do!

From Misstery blog

1) Who inspires you the most?

Malala, my parents, my rowing coach and lots of other people!

From Reine

1) Has blogging taught you anything, if so, what?

It’s taught me to stick by my guns and not be afraid to be an individual and not just piggyback on everyone else boat! It also taught me that it takes real perseverance to achieve your goals and i think that has really kept my blog going.

2) Your zodiac sign?

taurus pic blog

I’m a Taurus, but I don’t fit with most of the Taurus traits (shy, arty, etc.)

I also really don’t appreciate the fact that the symbol is a cow, are they tryin to say something!?

lol emoji

Hope you guys liked that and part 2 will follow very soon!

Please enter my short story comp!

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