I might’ve finally chosen…

Hiya to whoever is reading this,

love heart flower blog

As you may know, I’m starting up a collab blog where each day of the week a different blogger will post on it (well, hopefully!) I uploaded a post a few weeks back asking who was interested and i got an amazing response from you guys! It was so hard to chose just 6 out of all the amazing bloggers who said they’d like to be involved, but hopefully I can still get you involved in some other way, even if you aren’t part of the main team. This was such a hard decision and every person who said they were interested was considered.

Before anyone flips out in the comments, i chose people who i think are really good bloggers, post a variety of stuff and i think would work well together (yes i did have to pull names out of a hat!) , but if any of the people who i’ve original picked can’t do it anymore, don’t get back in touch or dropout at a later stage, then i will re-assign their place to someone else so it is fair.

I still need ideas for the name of the blog itself, so if you have any ideas then comment them below or put them on a post and link it to this one!

If i mention you on this post as one of the people i’ve chosen then please get in touch asap, either through the comments or email me at georgiegrlblog@outlook.com

The names are in no particular order and all the details will be sorted out soon!







I (GeorgieGrl) am the last person and i hope you check out these guys blogs to say hi!

Please enter my short story competition as the deadline is looming (but there is still time!) as it would be awesome to read your entries and even if you just use a story you’ve written before, that is totally fine!

Feel free to like, comment and subscribe!





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    1. Really sorry, but would you mind re-sending your email as it seems to have got lost in my inbox! I’m really sorry and I hadn’t emptied my inbox in a while so it was really hard to find your email in all of the notifications

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  1. Love how the new design is looking! But I can’t see everythingon the bottom. If you don’t want a tile look, I think you can expand the size or crop it somehow, or something ^^

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