Everything is temporary

Hiya to whoever is reading this,

I’ve had a tough couple of days, so sorry for not blogging, but i have got Β a whole lot of post ideas that i think you guys will like lined up, so sit tight for them!

My dad told me something over the past couple of days, and it’s the sort of thing that someone would write on a calming picture of a mountain and post on instagram, but i think its kinda worth remembering and helped me put what was happening into perspective. And the phrase is, everything is temporary.

And i know, to some people, that may seem morbid i guess, but to me it meant a lot. The meaning behind it is that the bad times, don’t last forever and that things are constantly changing and even if the change is something small, it can make an impact if you let it. Even if you think that thing will last forever, and it has been the same for ages, it can change and most of the time, change for the better.

For example, i think pretty much everyone had a toy that they’d had since they were born, or some sort of favourite toy like that, mine was a grey pig called Piggie. I would take Piggie everywhere and within months, Piggie’s curly tail had been permanently straightened. We went on loads of adventures (like the time when i accidentally left Piggie on the railings of the alligator enclosure at the zoo and Piggie nearly fell in! Oops!) and i couldn’t sleep without physically having Piggie in my arms for years. I’d kinda accepted that i’d be that old lady that still has her cuddly toy on her pillow until the bitter end. But as most people do, i started growing apart from my favourite toy, i didn’t need to have Piggie constantly there and i eventually didn’t even need to hold Piggie as i slept. These changes had happened so slowly and sneakily, that when i finally had my “wait a minute…!” moment, it shocked me how much things had changed and what i’d thought was forever, was actually just growing up.

OK, i’m sorry that’s a terrible example, but my dad’s telling me to hurry up and my fingers are literally moving like torpedoes over the keys! So maybe next time when you think your whole life will constantly be overridden with panic attacks or feeling depressed, just remember that nothing stays the same and if you wanna change something, it will change if you find a way to get through it, not tip-toe over it.

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41 thoughts on “Everything is temporary

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  1. I loved the example you used! I always had my purple blanket with me when I was little. Change happens so slowly that you don’t even know it’s happening, and I guess it’s a good thing.

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  2. That is such an inspiring message ;D BUUTTTT i’mnevergonnastopsleepingnexttotoys. I’m such a wimp cause like FOr some reason if I cover myself with a blanket I’m saf from te darkness and my toys ward of evil. YUP
    Like no matter how hot i need the blanket otherwise im not safe. But when it’s cold and I have a blanket it’s heaven ^^
    now that I think about it im not super attached to anything cause i’ve only had these for some time not my childhood- my childhood toys aren’t with me right now. Thats was so random

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    1. Yes, that is logic to the max!
      I have Piggie near my bed but not actually in my bed. I find it really hard to sleep without my lamp on though! Idk I’m weird! πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„


  3. Ever since toy story i USED to like play teacher and stupid stuff with mah pets and keeping tallies for some reason, and I played with them and I felt bad for inanimate objects. I sometimes feel bad for inanimate objects now but I don’t as much. I know- weirdo πŸ˜›

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