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Hiya to whoever is reading this,

You guys really seemed to like my This Is Me post and it was so nice to get such positive feedback on a post that was kinda hard to write! So I thought I’d write one on how to help someone who can feel a bit like me, or in other words, not sure whether to be unique and be yourself or to follow the pack. Following the pack can sometimes be the best choice, but most of the time, I’d say be yourself and be proud of who you are!

Being there for a person, doesn’t mean literally sharing a chair with a person, asking them if they’re okay every 5 seconds and camping outside their house just to make sure they’re ok all the time. Because that’s full time care, not friendship!

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Being there for someone, is noticing when they need help, and helping. Whether its kindly giving a shoulder to cry on, or giving them your last choccie biscuit at break time, you’ve shown that you care, without being permanently glued to them!

If they push you away, maybe its not because they think you are annoying, stalker, pain in the ass, (insert own annoying thing here……), its probably just because they’ve got problems going on, and are not entirely sure who to trust. If they need their own space, then maybe leave them alone, and check back with them a bit later to see if they’re ok.

Being there for someone is also noticing when things are getting worse, and telling someone. Maybe your teacher, head of year or parents. Heck even ask your gran, just so someone knows and can give you some advice on what you can do to help them. If it’s something serious like self-harm, then telling someone is literally the best thing to do.

Even if it’s hella hard, doing what’s right is so important.

Hope this helped you if you are trying to help someone,

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  1. Very true message! I push people away sometimes lol cause I don’t really know this person and they always give me awkward small talk like, how’s life, hows ur day, is something wrong, you can trust me – they’re just trying to make small talk. I don’t know why but I have a problem with replying and saying hi all of the time cause I wanna be quite and left alone-… seriously, im sorry if im rude. and I don’t want to offend them cause they are really REALLY sensitive but yeah 😛 I’m stuck – cause they are my friend’s friend and I only see my friend at lunch so I see her too. sorry XD lol. honestly… offended really easily, im scared of even giving advice even though she really wants it. cause she says, “U don’t understand”. Oh but I do, the advice seems so dumb and hard but it’s not! And she tends to exaggerate stuff a lottttt sigh. Yeah… sorry. Anyways, loved this post! It’s soooo amazing and inspiring, the way you word things and – you really have a talent!


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