Top Tips for School/Work!

Hiya to whoever is reading this,

If, like me, you have recently started back at school or work, then you can probably imagine the seeming impossible struggle of another annoying term (that probably has fangs) and literally wanna collapse with despair!


Anyway, I can sometimes find school quite hard. Not really the whole learning and academic side, but the whole social community, stress and anxiety that comes with being at school. These are a few tips i’ve learned at school to make things a bit easier, or organised so i hope you find these as helpful as i do! Also, in case you’re wondering why i didn’t post this sort of thing sooner, its because I’m always so busy on the first day back and don’t really have time to search for new tips to use, so once the whole mania has died down a bit, i can then get on with making things easier.

1) It’s what a locker’s for…

I always think that keeping all of your books in your locker is probably the best thing to do, instead of keeping them at home and bringing them in each day as it means if you pick up the wrong book, you can always change them quickly between class. It also makes the weight of your bag so much lighter as you are only carrying the books you need.

2) Be prepared…

This is a tip more for us girls (sorry to you guys reading this!) but just in case of any stressful surprises, keep personal hygiene stuff in your locker as well as at home as it just means you are prepared for anything and makes life 94.565% easier on that topic!

3) Planner

I have a planner that i use inside and outside school, but if you school doesn’t give you a planner anyway to write you homework in, it can be so useful as it means you have a way of automatically knowing how much homework you have, what books you need, when work is due and i also use it to write down when i have extra-curriculum clubs (e.g. rowing, hockey and music).

4) The holder-folder

This may sound weird but always keep a basic file holder or big envelope sort of thing in your bag all the time so you can put the books you need for homework in there straight away and as you won’t take it out of your bag, you will definitely have all the books you need for your homework without leaving any behind and only realise when you get home! (classic Georgie!)

5) A little beauty bag

I guess this would also work if you are a boy, but keep a little bag of toiletries such as tissues, deodorant, body spray/perfume, hair brush, etc, either in your locker or in your bag as it means that you are sorted for after gym or any other sort of hygiene/beauty related catastrophes! If you wear makeup, then i guess you could also keep some of that in there too!

I would add pictures but i can’t keep my eyes open, so sorry!

I will also be deciding on the collab blog soon so if you are interested, comment either on this post, or the original one about it!

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21 thoughts on “Top Tips for School/Work!

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  1. Love the tips! I have lots of binders this year so I keep a folder with basically everything in it XD Homework, assignments, paper, etc ^^ Also, I don’t use my locker, i know it’s a bad thing to do but I just carry everything with me- the hallways are super filled and also I can carry the weight I guess, too lazy to go to my locker 😛 Cause last year it didn’t work, so this year I’m too used to it!

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Well to be honest, we wouldn’t really use them anyway! That’s why they got rid of them – cause no-one used them! There’s a little block of like fifty or something which people can pay for if they really want them.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I wish we had lockers at my school! The school don’t want them incase if it encourages stealing but they would be soooooo helpful! Loved the tips! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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