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I was thinking earlier ( i know, you probably smelled the burning!) about why I’m different from the other people in my year at school. Maybe it’s because i don’t roll my skirt higher, wear a face make-up or chew gum and stick it under the desk (i know, it’s gross but people at my school still do it! ).

But maybe, that’s what makes me, me. Makes me different to other people. And honestly, i don’t care that i’m different. Maybe learning not to care is just a part of life? The amount of times the “popular” group say “why don’t you roll your skirt?” is not even worth mentioning and i guess the only response to that is, because i’m not you, and you’re not me.

I don’t care if people don’t think i look “cute” or sexy because they need to accept that i didn’t wear my usual look of ripped grey skinny jeans and top to impress them. I look how i want to look, and just because don’t pore endlessly over fashion magazines doesn’t mean i’m a bad person or someone who is less important than them. And frankly, if they have enough time in their day to criticise how i look, then they really need to get a life!

Some of you may know, but i don’t wear makeup, but no offence to people who do. I guess the whole thing of hiding behind a mask that’s gonna potentially give me more spots than the ones I’m already trying to cover up doesn’t appeal to me at the moment. Call me old-fashioned but 10 year olds really don’t need to be wearing foundation, eyeliner, hot pants shorter than Miley Cyrus’ or cropped tank tops just to buy a loaf of bread from sainsbury’s. Or maybe the 10 year olds where i live are really weird!

And maybe i have just worked out and am kinda sweaty whilst i write this, but i don’t care (but obviously I’m heading right up to the shower asap!). Maybe a square of chocolate did pass my lips yesterday when i’d said i wouldn’t have any excess sugar. Or maybe i didn’t workout during the week because i was busy?! OMG how scandalous! (lol jk!) And that’s not because i’m human, cause forgetting is just what is part of us. It didn’t make me a terrible person and no one died because of it.

And maybe that’s because this is me. Not the mega-popular girl, or the massive star on TV. Just me. Just Georgie.

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  1. Omg way to go, I had such a rough time at school because I was torn between trying to fit in and standing up for myself and my personality! I tried to fit in and didn’t succeed, so now that I’m at uni and everyone calls me “an old nanny that doesn’t know how to have fun” just because I don’t drink or do drugs, I just laugh it off with them. Keep on being yourself 🙂

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    1. I face that problem lots, it’s not bad to stand out and you make better friends as a result of it! Drinking and drugs is not a good idea and laughing it off is the best way to react! You too! Keep going and everything works out OK eventually!

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  2. The bit about ten year olds made me laugh so much, so true. Even young children with phones it strange (my 5 year old cousin got a touch screen for Christmas and keeps wanting my foundation- I just think she’s too young and the only one that thinks that)

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      1. Exactly!! I probably didn’t even know what foundation was back when I was five! Adding to that, a Five year old wouldn’t even need it!! I’m really enjoying the posts you post:)

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  3. And you SHOULD be yourself because if not now, when else are you going to be you…also I absolutely agree with your 10 year old comment because let’s be honest, there’s so need for them to do any of those things. Society never fails to remind me just how messes up it is! I don’t know if you know this but I don’t wear make-up as well…it’s my way of embracing my natural self! 😀

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  4. this was so good! When I was reading this, it made me realise that maybe I should start having the attitude you have, I annoy myself as I’m so afraid of being judged for being me, that as a result, I tend to go along with the crowd. Reading this blog has made me re-think that so thank you 🙂 xx

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  5. My god, Georgie, you’re fantastic and inspiring to me, because I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL EXACTLY. It’s so comforting to know I’m not. the only one. You’re you, and no one’s perfect but you’re pretty damn close to it.

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  6. Tbh I still look ugly with makeup (I usually never wear It my friends just wanted to see what I looked like with makeup )And idk why 10 year olds wear tank tops and w and stuff. It just makes me realise how messed up younger kids are

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  7. Lol, good points ( I swear our school is known for rolling up our skirts 😉) I agree with it ALL!
    Read a meme thing the other day that said “10 year old girls are crying because their boyfriend broke up with them, when I was 10 I was crying because my favourite cartoon wasn’t on”


  8. I swear you read my mind about the society these days… I don’t fit in with others. I’m more of a tomboy…and I like thinking and being quite. I don’t wear makeup or care about clothes. Honestly I hate dresse and skirtss. And I’m not offending anyone who likes them! I respect anyone who cares about being neat and nice, but don’t wear makeup if you don’t need it… I used to lie and pretend I matched my friends opinions because I feel that they get annoyed… cause honestly I don’t know about half of the stuff they talk about. They aren’t really in any of my classes. and I still do pretend sometimes from the pressure… It’s so nice to know I’m not alone. I just wanna be me. I kind of get annoyed at makeup because you don’t need foundation. Sometimes I look at youtube and the before and after is soooo different because their skin is becoming spoiled, and I don’t want everyone to completely change their unique features…

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    1. Don’t worry about not wearing makeup, it just gives you more spots anyway! And also, be glad you don’t have to stress all the way through gym lessons in case it all shifts south!
      Youtubers try to show a much more perfect version of what we’d all like to be but it’s actually impossible. Don’t compare yourself to youtubers because they can be really fake!
      If you believe something different then stand up for it! I struggle with that a lot, but you just have to be yourself and people will like you for it!
      Be yourself and you’ll feel way more confident as a result!

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  9. I’m kind of scared for the society. Plus kids these days are missing out on the nostalgic learning programs I used to watch. Before spongebob turned really… really bad… and they’ll miss out on all of the classic movies 😛 These days the youngsters are becoming more and more spoiled… not everyone but still. Idk. All of the trends are… not cool. I meant seriously having a big “crap machine” isn’t attractive. Children are learning about inappropriate stuff at really young ages cause of school. Idk where this topic went but meh XD

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  10. Great post, you made some very good points. I’m pleased to hear that you have the confidence to be yourself. If you don’t want to wear makeup or dress how people expect you to then that should be your decision and the people who think it is the end of the world will realise that it isn’t, eventually. It just takes some people longer than others to realise that being yourself is more important than fitting in. I never wear makeup and wear clothes that makes me feel comfortable. Also I think the ten year olds where you live may be a little weirder than the ones where I live. Ha ha.

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  11. Wow seriously?! I’ve never ever met a girl, at least in real life, who doesn’t feel the need to wear some sort of make-up. That’s so refreshing haha 🙂 Good for you! It’s good that you don’t find the need to put on a ‘mask’ or a facade. That self-confidence is attractive 🙂

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  12. Well, I would’ve completely missed this if you hadn’t referenced it in your latest post. I agree with a lot of what you said. This kind of inspired me to write a post about makeup. In fact, I probably will.

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      1. And also I walk around and see 5 year olds with a face full of make up which is so thick you could see the layers! I didn’t even know what make up was until I was 10 (2 years ago!) before that I was completely oblivious to the fact that there were women walking around looking like tangerines! I thought that’s what they actually looked like!

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  13. I totally know how you feel. Everybody at my school is exactly the same and I really try to be different, even if it is just wearing different shoes or listening to not a well known artist. 1o year olds are exactly the same where I live also haha

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