A little announcement…!

Hiya to whoever is reading this,

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In my last post I mentioned that I had some exciting news to share, so here it is!

I’m running another competition! But this time it’s a short story comp!

(I was meant to launch it on Jan 14th so the deadline could be valentines day but since I hit 200 followers (thx so much!) I thought I’d launch it early!)

The theme can be pretty much anything you want and you can enter by either writing it in a post and tagging it to GeorgieGrlComp or comment a link to a post with it in. Tagging it would make it a bit easier for me but I don’t really mind!

Comment what you think the prize should be!


1) It must be entered by any of the three ways above by midnight (GMT) on February 14th (Valentines day!)

2) Please keep it appropriate so I can put it in a post if you come runners up or win!

3) To win, please be subscribed as I want to give back to my followers!

4) They must be under 1500 words but if you go a bit over then don’t worry!

So get writing your short story and I look forward to reading them!

If you have any other questions or want me to do a story ideas post then comment them on this post!

Feel free to like, comment, subscribe and enter!!!!!





71 thoughts on “A little announcement…!

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  1. Lol mine is sooo long, it’s some scary thing I wrote for school. I also have one but it’s like 48 pages and it’s terrible since I wrote it at a young age so the writing isn’t good. I have aanother story but I hate the storyline XD I have ideas, but I make stories, and I think that I would enter with one other story I made but… I don’t think I’m allowed to. So I’m not completely sure If I’m gonna enter, but it’s such an amazing idea. See, this post is too long. If you read it, Virtual high five XD

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