HIya to whoever is reading this,

I’m having computer problems as well as a lot of other things today so i can really write that well.

MY brain feels like it’s about to explode out of my head and the walls feel precariously close to squishing into me! I wanna cry, but there are no tears to fall.

Im sorry i can’t post and i’ll be back tomorrow!

Feel free to like, comment and subscribe and check out dome of my other posts whilst your waiting of lazy me to get off my lazy asana and actually do something instead of huddle under my duvet and avoid the world!





35 thoughts on “Trapped

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  1. I think you have a great blog, I’ve read couple of your posts and i enjoyed them. This is probably gonna show as rude but I just made a blog too so if you want to you can chech it out. Whatever you decide thank you and continue posting brilliant blogs💕

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  2. I really hope you feel better. I’ve been there, just make sure to relax. I am in love with your blog and I make things like this too. I hate advertising though, so I’m not gonna go further- I just love wisdom and inspiration. Don’t feel guilty ❤ CONGRATS on 200 ^^

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