Would you guys like this?

Hiya to whoever is reading this,

I’ve been thinking recently, I know, I bet you could smell the burning!

Would you guys want me to start a collab/group blog? It would be a bit like a collab channel on YouTube so certain people would post on different days BUT BY NO MEANS WILL I GIVE UP THIS BLOG, I’LL JUST POST ON BOTH!!!

If you are interested in being one of the bloggers on the collab blog, then please comment below, or email me at georgiegrlblog@outlook.com and I’ll email back with more information when I’ve decided!

It would be a great way to connect the blogging community and could potentially give your blog the opportunity you need to boost off! 

If your interested then please get I touch and it doesn’t matter how many followers you have!





72 thoughts on “Would you guys like this?

Add yours

      1. I sent you an email! It’s so kind of you to think of that, it would be a great way to establish relationships between bloggers. ā¤ X

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  1. I would LOVE to read and follow this collab blog, but I’m so busy with this blog and school and stuff I don’t think I can offer to be a part of it, even though I WANT to so much! I barely find time to come on here!

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    1. It would only be 1 post a week from each blogger and there would be no pressure to do it!
      It would be amazing to have you on the team as I really think I can trust you!
      I have 6 pieces of homework everyday and I suggest lunch times are good for homework!
      I hope you can get involved!!!

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  2. This sounds awesome!! But like em, I have a lot of things going on so I’m not sure if its the best idea for me to do it… But I want to at the same time!! Argh, the struggles xD xx

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  3. I hope to do something like this one day. It sounds so amazing! I can’t currently because of lots of stuff which I’ll be posting about relatively soon, but it sounds wonderful and I’ll definitely follow it.

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