Achieving Resolutions: Organisation

Hiya to whoever is reading this,

The other posts in this series i’m doing seemed really popular, so i thought, hey lets do another! If you want to see my post on fitness then or healthier lifestyles then click the links! A lot of people said they wanted to become more organised this year, and as i’ve had to become so much more organised recently, i thought i would share some of my top tips!

1) USE A PLANNER (this is a pic of mine i found online!)

red filofax blog

A planner is probably the most helpful organisation thing on the planet. It allows you to easily plan in all of your day to day activities and means you won’t forget to do anything important. The one I got for xmas is a small red Filofax one that i think is super cute and you can re-use it every year! Mine also contains notes and to-do-list pages which is also super useful! It also serves as a way to look back and see what you’ve done during the year!


best before blog

Preparing everything that you possible can the night before, is so helpful and you will be literally thanking yourself like crazy for the lack of stress in the morning! For school, work or general stuff it helps so much and whether it’s prepping your lunch, putting your homemade flavoured water in the fridge or planning your outfit, it’ gonna help so much!


do not disturb blog

Most phone brands have a reminders or a note app and these are great to alert you for different things. Alarms also work well, but make sure they don’t go off during class (trust me, i’ve made that mistake before and it ended badly). Also, if you have school and you can’t let your phone ring, then schedule do not disturb to come on, so even if you totally forget, you’re still covered!


just in case blog

I always keep spare stuff in my locker, bag and room. It just prepares you for anything that could happen and this also helps greatly with the girly stuff (if you are a girl, you will understand, if not soz boys but you are probably confused af right now!)


list blog

Lists are literally awesome! They let you see everything you need to do and you can tick it off which is super satisfying!

If you have any other suggestions, then comment them below!

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