How To: DIY Jewellery Bunting

Hiya to whoever is reading this,

AS you may know, i got my ears pierced last month and i have waaaaay too many earrings already ( but its ok because i love all of them!)! (i wouldn’t mind but i only have 2 ears!)

felix earrings blog

I noticed a problem though with the way i was storing them (which was in a little bowl) (thx lexi for the bowl, i’m now using it for something else though!), the earrings would get scratched and i couldn’t actually see all them properly to choose! So i put my thinking cap on and thought of a way i could display them, and decorate my bedroom at the same time; Jewellery Bunting!

earrings in star pot blog

It should work for pretty much most types of jewellery and since my bedroom looks really bare now that mum made me take down my xmas decorations, i thought it would be a win-win situation.! If you actually try this, then please comment/link a pic! It would be amazing to see them even if you don’t use it for jewellery!


equipment for earring DIY blog

(soz that it’s upside down!)

– canvas/strong fabric shapes ( i got mine from paper chase, but you could always cut your own!)

– thread/wool/embroidery silk in any colour

– a strong hole puncher

– scissors

– Sellotape

– hairspray/clear nail varnish/glue/i guess hair gel/wax would work too!

1) Punch holes near the edge of all of the shapes (i eventually ended up using scissors because i nearly broke the hole puncher!)

2) (btw i’m actually making them as i type this so the keyboard is now covered in bits of fabric!!!) Cut the string to the size required and remember to tie a knot at both ends! If the knot isn’t big enough, then wrap the area around the knot in sellotape so that pesky fabric has no chance of escape! MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHA! ahem… back to normal…anyway…..

3) Then thread the thread through the holes you made in the fabric and secure a knot at the other end (and use sellotape if needed)

4) Then take your jewellery and either pin it through (if it’s earrings or badges) or cut two little holes, thread the chain through and do-up the clasp if it is a necklace/bracelet/not a pin thing!

5) If your fabric starts to fray/drop little pesky annoying fibres everywhere, then spray it with hairspray/paint the area with clear nail varnish/paint area with glue/use hair gel or hair wax to secure the fibres.

6) Then hang your masterpiece wherever you want, i decided to hang mine over the mirror on my dressing table so i can see it when i’m  getting ready . Also, please feel free to either comment/link/email me ( a picture if you make it as it would be amazing to see that people want to try the DIY’s i do (so maybe i’ll do more!?) and if i get some then i’ll put them in a post with the links to your blog, you never know, it may boost your blog!


If you want to see more of these then feel free to like, comment and subscribe! If you are waiting for me to do the One Lovely Blog nomination post them i’m really sorry for not doing it sooner, and it will be written and uploaded hopefully tomorrow! Thanks for nominating me if you have though!!!!




P.S. i will be continuing my Achieving Resolutions series tomorrow so if you want me to give you tips on how to achieve your resolutions then comment below and i’ll see what i can do…

P.P.S. The 1st picture of the silver earrings are the ones i got from one of my friends, I’ll call him Kobra (Kobra, if you don’t like that name then  text me) I really like the earrings and thanks so much for the xmas gift which i got today!!!


49 thoughts on “How To: DIY Jewellery Bunting

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  1. i’m always losing my cute little earrings !! i’ll try and do this. but please post a final picture of what it looks like, i’m still a little hazy on how it should be.

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  2. Looks good! Also, I was being a stalker and reading the comments. I can honestly say that I’ve never gotten toothpaste on my phone… accidentally. XD I did put it on my phone on purpose once because it was supposed to fix hairline cracks. Ahh, so gullible.

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  3. Okay, I have essentially zero artistic skills and not a single creative bone in my body. I suck at everything DIY. Sad but totally true. I really enjoyed reading this post though! The output turned out to be really adorable. ❤

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